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Piperine: contraindications to know

black pepper

Piperine is a molecule rich in beneficial properties but it also has several contraindications. Let’s find out the most important.

Piperine is an alkaloid found in black pepper. Head of the famous spicy flavor of the latter is also known for its healing properties. Which is why it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine . Present in various supplements, it is often used for its slimming effects but also for everything related to health. However, it is a molecule that can also have important side effects. So let’s find out, in more detail, how much there is to know about it.

Piperine: side effects and contraindications

Let’s analyze the negative aspects of using piperine, which are many and not to be taken lightly , in order to prevent those who want to lose weight or obtain other benefits from misusing it. In fact, piperine has important side effects that can make its consumption highly discouraged.

black pepper
black pepper

First, it can increase the blood concentration of certain drugs. In particular, it seems to interact with those against epilepsy , with some bronchodilators and with beta blockers. Its consumption can also be harmful in cases of gastritis, ulcers, hemorrhoids and reflux. And although it is indicated as a regulator of blood pressure, in some people it can lead to the reverse effect and therefore to hypertension.

For all these reasons and due to the lack of precise studies on the subject, excessive consumption is not recommended even during pregnancy. This is also true in the period of breastfeeding . In these moments it can therefore be consumed in moderate quantities and only through pepper. In any case, before using piperine-based supplements, the advice is always to contact your doctor. Especially if you suffer from specific diseases or are taking drugs .

Piperine: the properties to know

However, piperine is not just a substance to watch out for for unwanted effects . In fact, it boasts various beneficial and curative properties if taken with care and attention. Among these, the most important are:

– The thermogenic effect that helps you lose weight
– Stimulation of digestion
– The best absorption of nutrients (first of all the curcumin present in turmeric)
– The anti-inflammatory effect
Liver protection
– The regulation of blood pressure
– Lowering bad cholesterol
– The antioxidant effects
– The best production of melanin

All effects that can obviously be obtained using pepper as the main spice. But above all by making use of the supplements that contain a more suitable quantity of this substance so widely used in natural medicine.

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