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There are some food that are unhealthy and can cause an actual addiction! Let’s see which ones and how to avoid them.

It’s difficult to resist to some foods. Usually, they are very tasty foods which are also very dangerous for our health, such as soft drinks and fries. If you can’t stop eating these junk foods, know that it’s not your fault.

American researchers proved that foods rich in sugar, fat and salt (especially those containing all these three substances) act on our brain in the same way drugs do.

The study of the American neuroscientist Nicole Avena, published on The Time and on PLoS One, listed 10 addictive foods. Of course, the research was based on the on the American diet. Let’s see which ones they are.

All the addictive foods

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1. Pizza. With its carbohydrates and fat mix, it is the most addicting food of all.

2. Fries. They are rich in carbohydrates (potatoes), fat (frying oil) and salt.

3. Chocolate. No one can resist chocolate, just a piece and you will never stop. it’s te sigar and tryptophane’s fault!

4. Ice cream. Even in winter, it’s very diffcult to resist to ice cream.

5. Fried chicken. Americans love this food. The reason is that it is full of meat fats, other than the breading and the oil ones.

5. Gummy bears. Have you ever stopped after just one gummy bear? No, we know. It’s because they are full of fats and sugars!

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7. Bacon. It is very fat. Bu also very delicious!

8. Cheese. Just like chocolate, it contains tryptophane. That’s why stop eating it is impossible!

9. Soft drinks. They are addicting not only because they are rich in sugars, but also because they do not make us feel as full as solid foods do!

10. Bread. It’s impossible to say no to this food!

Addicting foods: risks

It’s not difficult to understand the consequences of this food addiction. For the great majority of them, we are talking about junk food. In any case, they are rich in fats and carbohydrates which make us gain weight. Therefore, eating them too often causes overweight. It is better to slowly purify our body from them!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/pizza-cassette-soda-pop-bevande-2618726/, https://pixabay.com/it/photos/orso-d-oro-orsetti-gommosi-orso-318359/

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