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Plants against mosquitoes: find out what they are and how they work


Plants against mosquitoes are a simple and natural way to keep insects away from your home.

As summer approaches, choosing mosquito repellent plants can be a good way to protect yourself from their annoying bites. By choosing those right, in fact, a sort of screen can be created that can confuse and keep away most of the mosquitoes. A way to enjoy evenings on the balcony or in the garden more easily and to prevent them from entering the house when the windows are left open.

What are the plants that repel mosquitoes


Buying a beautiful plant against mosquitoes is the simplest choice to avoid their unwelcome presents on balconies and gardens. If placed correctly in strategic points, in fact, the anti-mosquito plants have the characteristic of stuning mosquitoes by pushing them to spin around in circles or to move away. Among the many on the market, the most effective are:

– Lemongrass, excellent for planting in pots.
– Catnip that should always be planted in poorly ventilated areas.
– Marigold, which in addition to acting as an anti mosquito plant also keeps other types of insects away.

These are very different plants and among which you can choose according to personal tastes or housing needs. In any case they will help to achieve the desired purpose.

Plants against tiger mosquitoes: here are which ones to prefer

The three plants indicated above are useful for repelling mosquitoes in general. If you have any specific needs for tiger mosquitoes, you can strengthen the defense by opting for mint and lemon balm. These two plants are obviously also effective for common mosquitoes, thus making the choice of flora with which it is possible (and useful) to surround oneself even wider.

It is good to remember that these should be placed as a barrier to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house. Another useful idea (especially for lemongrass) could be to plant a couple of them in pots with wheels. This way you can move them when needed to keep them close while you are outdoors. Finally, remember that in case of stings there are very effective natural remedies to soothe burning, swelling and inflammation.

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