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Plum seed oil: a cure-all for your skin


A delicate, fragrant and skin friendly oil: let’s discover the properties and uses of plum oil.

One of the most delicate and fragrant oils, plum oil has some beneficial properties. Also known by the name of plum seed oil, it is obtained by cold pressing the core of the plum variety Prunus domestica , also known by the name of plum.

The fruit in question is obtained from the European plum tree, a plant native to Asia, more precisely from the Caucasian region, which was imported into Europe by the Romans. Nowadays, the plant has spread across much of the planet.

Plum oil, the properties

The properties of plum oil are mainly the exfoliating and antioxidant ones . In fact, plum oil is a cure-all for the skin: let’s find out why.

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The action of this oil is excellent for softening dry skin , which reduces roughness and combats dryness caused by dehydration. This work done by plum, combined with its antioxidant effects , makes it an excellent solution to counteract the signs of aging.

Plum oil makes the skin of those who use it more elastic . This effect is partly due to its antioxidant properties and partly to its elasticizing action . In addition, it is a cure-all for sensitive skin.

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it suitable for fighting various skin ailments, among which we remember irritation, dark circles, wrinkles, eczema and even psoriasis . Finally, if applied to damp hair after washing it helps to give shine and protect the scalp .

The uses of plum oil

Plum oil can be used as a massage oil , pure or diluted with other vegetable oils. In particular, it is recommended to dilute it with hazelnut or macadamia oil : it leaves the skin less greasy and is absorbed more easily.

It is also possible to use it in the creation of creams and cosmetics . Or, if combined with the right essential oils it can lead to the creation of excellent lotions useful to prevent skin aging.

For those wishing to make a solid state cream it is possible: mix plum oil with shea butter . The proportion should be 2 to 1 in favor of the oil. Mix properly, so that they become one, and let solidify. The results obtained will remain effective for 12 weeks.

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