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Plyometrics, how to get back in shape by increasing muscle speed and power

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Plyometrics is a training system based on aerobic exercises. Let’s find out how this method used by many celebrities works.

Plyometrics is a training methodology born in the 1950s by the Russian athletic trainer Yury Verkhoshansky . She has recently been embraced by several celebrities, most notably Jessica Biel. This pattern focuses on increasing muscle speed and power, achievable with rapid movements and exercises. Specifically, plyometry is divided into three different phases, namely eccentric, cushioning and concentric. The first consists of exercises for rapid muscle stretching and is followed by a short rest. The last part of the workout uses the energy previously stored to make quick movements. Let’s see how these phases are structured and what are the Plyometrics exercises.

Plyometrics: types of exercises

As we said, plyometrics is a training methodology that is divided into three phases, but what are the exercises that must be performed? In general, the training pattern consists of movements that affect both the upper and the lower body. Examples include squat jumps, at least two or three sets of ten repetitions, and alternating lunges with the knees.

As for the upper part, classic functional workouts are part of Plyometrics, i.e. burpee or push-up sessions in which you clap your hands. In any case, this particular method is useful for toning the whole body and promotes the elimination of excess calories.

How to maximize plyometrics results

One way to maximize the results of Plyometrics is to associate other training methodologies with this system. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Rennes and Tunis, combining Plyometrics with the HIIT method increases the effectiveness of training.

Research results show that not only can you eliminate excess calories, but you can gain lean mass in less time. In any case, before embarking on Plyometrics or another training method, it is essential to ask for advice from an experienced personal trainer. This is because it is important to reduce the risk of damage to joints and muscles by doing it yourself.

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