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Poached egg with Jerusalem artichoke puree, spinach and dill

Poached egg with Jerusalem artichoke puree spinach

An elegant entrée for an important lunch, also suitable for vegetarians: poached egg with Jerusalem artichoke purée, spinach and dill.

Today we prepare a slightly complex dish but with a great effect if taken care of in the presentation: poached egg with Jerusalem artichoke puree, spinach and dill. For its taste, then, this appetizer will certainly not be forgotten, even if it is basically very simple ingredients .

Jerusalem artichoke, for those unfamiliar with it, is also called Jerusalem artichoke and is a tuber that vaguely resembles that of a delicate artichoke in flavor. This ingredient, increasingly used in contemporary cooking, also has remarkable properties: it promotes digestion, lowers blood sugar and fights bad cholesterol.

Try your hand at this recipe too: cooking eggs in this way will not be so simple, but if you are looking for a tasty appetizer capable of impressing your guests, this dish is for you!

Poached egg with Jerusalem artichoke puree spinach
Poached egg with Jerusalem artichoke puree spinach

How to make poached egg with Jerusalem artichoke puree

  1. To make your poached egg with Jerusalem artichoke, spinach and dill puree, start with the puree. Chop half an onion and brown it in a saucepan with a few turns of extra virgin olive oil.
  2. Peel the Jerusalem artichoke and cut it into small pieces, then add it to the browned onion and add just enough hot vegetable broth.
  3. Add salt and cook until the Jerusalem artichoke is sufficiently tender, then let it cool.
  4. Blend the Jerusalem artichoke until it becomes a fluid emulsion.
  5. In a non-stick pan, without adding oil, pour the fresh spinach leaves, cover with a lid after having lightly salted and boil the spinach for 5 minutes.
  6. Let’s now move on to cooking the poached egg: first of all, remember that you will have to cook one egg at a time. Break the egg in a bowl, avoiding breaking the yolk.
  7. Boil some water in a saucepan, adding a little white wine vinegar.
  8. Turn the water with a spoon, creating a small vortex in which you will then slide the egg, which should cook in 3 minutes .
  9. Salt the poached egg and arrange it on the plate, then add the spinach and the Jerusalem artichoke cream and decorate with the dill sprigs.
  10. If you want, you can also garnish with toasted bread and a nest of finely chopped and fried onions. Enjoy your meal!

If you want to discover other recipes with Jerusalem artichokes, here is our delicious octopus on Jerusalem artichoke cream : simply delicious!


This dish, perfect for an appetizer or brunch, is best consumed on the spot and just ready.

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