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Pomegranate juice: all its properties and benefits

Pomegranate juice: all its properties and benefits

During fall, pomegranates are all the rage! This fruit has excellent beneficial properties and gives a delicious juice. Here’s how to prepare it.

Pomegranate is a typical fall fruit rich in mineral salts, vitamins and antioxidants. You can make a very tasty juice from it, which is a true panacea for our health. Here are all the benefits of pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate and its properties

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Pomegranates have earned the name of superfood. This is because they contain an exceptional high amount of nutrients, which have many benefits for our body.

First of all, pomegranates are rich in water and help being hydrated. They are also good for our immune system, thanks to their high vitamin C and iron levels. Their fiber content helps digestion and intestinal activities, while also protecting the gastric mucosa.

The potassium content in this fruit promotes diuresis and eliminaties waste and toxins, purifying your body. In addition, pomegranate contains many antioxidants: ellagic acid supports heart functions and fights “bad” cholesterol in the blood.

It also promotes cell regeneration and tissue repair, as well as fighting free radicals. The tannins and polyphenols have an anti-tumor effect, in particular against prostate and breast cancer. Finally, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help fighting gastrointestinal, respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Pomegranate juice: how to make it

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You can easily find packaged pomegranate juice at the supermarket, so you can always have one at home. But you can also make it yourself, starting from the whole fruit. If you have a pomegranate juicer, just rinse the fruit and cut it in two, then squeeze it.

Of course, you can make juice even without a specific tool. Did you know you can use a potato masher? After you have peeled the pomegranate and removed its white peel, cut it into pieces, and crush it, until you get a homogenous juice.

However, if you have a juicer or an extractor, all you have to do is put the fruit pieces in it and let the machine do the work for you. Remember that pomegranate juice should be consumed as soon as ready, to take advantage of all its benefits. However, you can keep it for a few hours in the refrigerator.

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