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Post Easter and Easter Monday diet to purify yourself: how does it work?

Purifying diet after Easter

The purifying diet comes after Easter and Easter Monday to eliminate up to two kilos in just three days, following the big bingeing of the holidays. Here’s how it works!

The holidays have just ended and as tradition has it we have eaten all in abundance for at least two days. Now the time has come to think about the purifying diet after Easter and Easter Monday, which allows us to lose even two kilos of excess fat accumulated in just three days .

It is a rather rigid detox diet , for this reason it should not be followed for more than three days. Furthermore, before starting any type of diet, we advise you to seek the expert advice of your doctor to understand if it is a suitable diet for your body. Let’s find out how this diet works.

The purifying diet comes after Easter: how does it work?

The detox diet in question is rather strict and must be followed for three days, it is a diet based on water and lemon , green tea and seasonal fruit and vegetables. This food style helps eliminate toxins , slags and excess fat from the body. But what do you eat?

Purifying diet after Easter
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Before breakfast, you must drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice every morning. The first day starts with a green tea breakfast plus three corn cakes with a veil of bitter orange or lemon jam. For lunch a portion of brown rice with savoy cabbage and for dinner steamed fish with fennel, which are very diuretic, plus three corn cakes. Two snacks are allowed, one in the mid-morning and one in the mid-afternoon each day, based on fresh fruit, such as berries or pineapples (diuretics).

The second day begins with breakfast with green tea and three rice cakes with a veil of honey, which gives energy. For lunch we eat barley with courgettes and sprouts, seasoned with oil. While for dinner we eat grilled chicken , with carrots and three rice cakes. The snacks are pear- based, which helps to regulate the intestine and a soy pudding , which is low in calories and satisfies the desire for sweet.

The third day begins with breakfast of barley coffee and three rice cakes with quince jam. For lunch a portion of spelled and chicory and for dinner boiled rice, with steamed roast and boiled broccoli. The snacks are based on grapefruit and rice milk .

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