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Pregnancy symptoms: how to understand if you’re going to be a mother

Pregnancy symptoms: how to understand if you’re going to be a mother

How can you understand if you are pregnant? Find out the symptoms before buying a pregnancy test!

If a period is late, women usually start worrying. It can be due to stress, anxiety or other physical problems. However, if you skip your period, you’re probably pregnant. How to know it for sure?

If you’re trying to conceive a baby or recently you’ve had a complete intercourse, the first thing to do is to buy a pregnancy test. In the meanwhile, it is important to analyze your symptoms to understand if you are pregnant. Here which one they are!

Pregnancy symptoms: when they appear and which they are

If you are in one of the above mentioned situations, you need to go to the pharmacy and buy a test. Every woman has different symptoms: someone feels the first symptoms earlier than others, while there are women who feel them after weeks. Here all the most common pregnancy symptoms!

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Skipping your period is the first symptom of a possible pregnancy. However, you can have a sort of white discharge and you have ovary cramps, just like when your period is coming. Your breasts feel heavy and swollen, your nipples are sensitive and start darkening.

A very common symptom during the first month of pregnancy is tiredness. Your body starts changing, so it easily weakens. For example, you can suddendly fall asleep on your sofa, while watching tv, without even realizing it.

Another pregnancy symptom is the frequent need to pee. The fetus grows and presses on your bladder, so you always need to go to the bathroom. If in the morning you suffer from nausea and vomit, it can be due to a pregnancy. Moreover, it can happen than one smell you loved yesterday, today will make you feel nauseous.

These are the most common pregnancy symptoms, but often they are mistaken for period symptoms.

How to understand if you are pregnant (with and without the test)

Generally speaking, the best thing to do in case you skip your period is a pregnancy test. In this way, you will know for sure and you can immediately see your gynecologist, who will give you the right diagnosis.

However, if you want to understand the situation before seeing the doctor, there are also some online pregnancy tests. It is a sort of DIY pregnancy test, but they aren’t scientifically valid!

One of the simplest test is the Clearblue one. It is a list of questions about our physical conditions and our symptoms. However, it is just hypothetical. You can also experience an asymptomatic pregnancy (except for the skipped period, of course). Therefore, without an actual test you cannot be sure.

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I am pregnant: what now?

The first thing to do is to see your gynecologist, avoid some of your habits and follow other ones! Having a baby definitely improves your life, but feeling strong emotions, fears and doubts is normal. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Communicate with your partner and face together this important event, as a real couple.
  • Don’t worry about the physical and internal changes: they’re normal and, most of all, it’s just temporary! This phase will bring you to your new life as a mother!
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, raw foods, toxic products, efforts, extreme sports or radiological examinations.
  • Enjoy this period as much as you can, with joy and a positive mindset!

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