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Prepare your skin in the summer sun: here are all the tips to follow


Here are the tips to follow to prepare your skin for summer, especially for tanning and not getting burned. Let’s see what you need to know!

Getting tanned is one of the main reasons why women are in love with summer. The desire to go on vacation to the sea increases more and more and being on the seashore transforming one’s skin tone of a few more shades can make a woman happy. Before exposing yourself to the sultry summer heat it is important, though. prepare the skin for aggression from the sun’s rays. Here are some tips!

How to prepare the skin for summer

Before going on vacation, it is important to follow some basic tips to better prepare your skin without risking damaging and drying it . The sun’s rays are powerful for the body and you absolutely must not put yourself at risk of excessive burns.

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Exfoliate. One of the first major steps is to exfoliate the skin. The dead cells present on the skin must be eliminated and this can be done with the help of a scrub to do at home , or easy to find in a perfumery or pharmacy.

Cleanse. After performing a scrub, it is important to take care of your body every day with a cleanser. It therefore means cleaning the skin morning and evening in order to clean it and remove all the sebum, dust and excess smog acquired during the day.

Feed. After an excellent scrub and perfect cleansing of the skin of the body, a specific cream must be adopted to nourish the skin in depth. A light, fresh cream, suitable to be displayed even during the day and, above all, based on natural ingredients.

Healthy diet. Nutrition greatly influences the tan, which is why during the summer, in order to achieve the shade of the color we want and, above all, to happen in a homogeneous way, it is important to follow a healthy diet. The main ingredients to take are fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and prepare the skin for summer; carrots, apricots, tomatoes and, therefore, all foods rich in carotene; finally foods rich in antioxidants such as salmon, cereals and mackerel. In addition to eating it is essential to drink lots of water, juices and fruit infusions.

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