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Preventing hair loss with nutrition is possible: here’s how!

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An anti-fall diet to protect your hair? It’s not just fantasy: here are the foods that should not be missing on our table.

Our health starts from nutrition: there are many small and large ailments that can be curbed thanks to nutrition. This also applies to hair health , a problem that affects many people. Because, if it is true that hair loss is a completely normal phenomenon, it is even more true that a sudden thinning of the scalp creates a lot of anxiety, both in women and in men. To protect hair bulbs and fight hair loss, it is important to have proper nutrition.

Girl from behind
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Diet for hair

The role of vitamins and minerals in the health of the scalp is fundamental, nutrients that we must integrate through nutrition. The deficiency of some important nutrients has in fact been scientifically associated with hair loss. What should never be missing on our tables only proteins, vitamins B3 and D, omega-3s, iron , selenium and zinc.

Where to find these substances in the food we consume daily? Protein-rich foods are legumes, meat, fish and dairy products. Be careful not to overdo it: a high-protein diet is not healthy, according to doctors each should take 1 gram of protein per kilo of weight. It is also better to alternate vegetable proteins with those of animal origin.

What foods to eat against hair loss

Meat is also an excellent source of iron and zinc , minerals that are also found in products of vegetable origin (legumes and dried fruit). As for iron, it is important to make a clarification: that coming from plant foods is more difficult for the human body to absorb, and should be accompanied by good doses of vitamin C , which facilitates this process.

Selenium is mainly found in cereals: rice, barley and corn are the primary sources of this mineral. Omega-3 can be taken thanks to the consumption of blue fish, but also of flax seeds and walnuts. Finally, vitamins: B3 is mainly present in white and red meats, whole grains and dairy products. The main source of vitamin D, however, remains the sun: good exposure helps make hair stronger.

Hair loss: what not to eat

There are some foods that, unlike those mentioned so far, should be eliminated from our diet – or at least we should reduce their consumption. They are those that prevent healthy hair growth and increase hair loss. These foods are junk foods , high in fat and often very salty, fried foods and desserts.

Attention also to alcohol and carbonated drinks, enemies of hair health. Finally, we should significantly reduce the consumption of caffeine , in order to show off a really shiny hair.

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