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Progesterone in pregnancy: what it is, what it is used for and when it should be taken

pregnant woman

Progesterone in pregnancy is very important. It is in fact a hormone that helps to better manage the waiting period and the baby’s health.

The period of pregnancy is extremely delicate. And for this reason it is necessary to keep various values ​​under control. Progesterone in pregnancy is one of them. It is in fact a hormone that blocks a woman’s immune reaction and also avoids uterine contractions , making the period of expectation safer and more peaceful. So let’s find out what are the things to know about the presence of progesterone in pregnancy, what it is used for and what are the side effects.

The importance of progesterone in pregnancy

When it comes to hormones, many people wonder what progesterone is for in pregnancy. In reality, the reasons why it is an important hormone are different and among these the most important are:

pregnant woman
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– The absence of ovulation from the moment the pregnancy is established
– The correct implantation of the embryo
– Blocking the immune reaction in women
– The absence of uterine contractions
– The correct growth of the fetus

Low progesterone in pregnancy can therefore cause various problems for the health of the fetus, especially in the very early stages. For this reason, it is always good to check progesterone values ​​in early pregnancy. In fact, if they are too low, it is often necessary to supplement this hormone in order to make the whole pregnancy process easier.

The side effects of progesterone

Obviously, since it is a hormone, the intake of progesterone during pregnancy can lead to side effects of various kinds that it is always good to know in advance in order to prepare and not get unnecessarily apprehensive. Among these it is good to remember:

– Headache
– Sense of nausea
– Irritability
– Insomnia
– Hives
– Acne and other skin problems
Water retention
– Weight gain
– Pain in the lower abdomen
– Changes in libido
– Vaginal discharge
– The possible late diagnosis of an abortion

As always, given the many side effects, it is therefore advisable to rely on a doctor you trust and who is able to explain every single change in this important and delicate phase.

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