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Properties and characteristics of castor oil, a friend of hair, nails and intestines


Made from the squeezing of its seeds, castor oil has several beneficial properties: let’s find out.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is obtained from the Ricinus communis or castor plant. Its name derives from the Latin and means mint . In fact, its seeds have an appearance reminiscent of the known pest.

Castor is a plant that can grow in different forms: it is possible to find it in herbaceous and arboreal form. In its territory of origin, tropical Africa , it can grow up to 10 meters high. In the rest of the world, where it has spread to many areas with a tropical or temperate climate , it usually stops around 2-3 meters.

The plant is mainly known for its oil, which has several properties : let’s discover them.

Castor oil: where it is obtained from

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the plant , by squeezing the latter. The luck of this oil is due to the Anglo-Saxons. The people of Great Britain began to use it as a substitute for castoreum , an aromatic base. The latter was obtained through beavers, more precisely from the glands of their perineal area.

Castor seeds
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This liquid, mainly composed of ricinoleate fatty acids , has a color tending to yellow (although it can oscillate until it approaches a brown shade). The oil has a characteristic odor , which many find unpleasant, and a strong flavor .

Usually, only the proceeds of the first pressing (cold) is used as a natural remedy. All that is obtained subsequently finds application in other fields, including the industrial one.

The properties of castor oil

Among the main properties of castor oil are the purifying ones. In fact, this substance deriving from the squeezing of Ricinus seeds has a laxative action and helps to purify the intestine.

In addition, castor oil is able to combat hair dryness and brittle hair thanks to its strengthening and softening properties . This property, combined with that which promotes the regrowth of the nails and strengthens the eyelashes , is linked to its vitamin content.

The proceeds from the castor seeds contain Omega 6, Omega 9, mineral salts and vitamin E and it is an excellent antioxidant , in particular it limits the degeneration of a protein that responds to the name of keratin . The latter is the main constituent of nails, hair and hair.

Despite its properties, castor oil, if used in incorrect ways or in doses, can cause some side effects . For this reason, it is good to ask an expert for advice before using it.

Treat nails and hair with castor oil

As previously stated, Ricinus communis oil is an excellent ally for nails . This happens because, thanks to its composition and its vitamin content , it protects the body components made up of keratin .

In fact, preventing the degeneration of the latter, that prevents the nails is sfaldino, is Sfoglino or break. In addition, in the case of yellow nails or those damaged by fungal or bacterial infections, the oil can be used as a bactericide or antifungal .

There are several cosmetic products based on this substance on the market. However, it is also possible to obtain simple castor oil, heat it slightly and apply it on your nails. Let it sit for 60 minutes .

In addition to promoting nail well-being, castor oil is a great friend of your hair . In fact, thanks to its now known anti-inflammatory , antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is able to solve various problems affecting the hair and scalp.

Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo

It is able to counteract dryness and dehydration of the hair, helping to prevent baldness . In addition, it is excellent against dermatitis (therefore also against dandruff ), split ends and the lack of brightness of the hair.

You can use the product on dry hair in the form of a compress . Alternatively, it is possible to buy castor oil-based balms , apply them on the hair after washing, and proceed to dry with the hair dryer: the heat enhances the beneficial effects.

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