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Propolis: a miraculous help from nature for our health


Propolis is a nourishment rich in energy , precious to remove the evils of the season and strengthen the immune system

Propolis is a substance that is produced by bees and today represents a widely used remedy in various fields . Its name derives from pro and polis, and basically means in front of the city : the reason is that it is used by bees to defend the hive.

Its origin is the resin that covers the trees, and therefore protects them from viruses, bacteria, fungi and other invaders. Insects collect it directly from plants, which can be of different nature (poplar, cypress, oak, birch, eucalyptus, alder, willow and many others).

But what use can we make of it? Let’s find out !

The active ingredients of propolis

Let’s see immediately what are the active substances and principles that are contained in propolis, made up mostly of resins, balms and waxes. Inside we find aromatic acids , pollen and various essential oils, but also mineral salts such as iron, calcium, manganese and various vitamins, above all from group B. There are also flavonoids, polyphenols and organic substances of vegetable and mineral origin.


Propolis: properties and benefits

This element can be used in different situations : its properties, in fact, are antiviral, antifungal, but it is also vasoprotective, immunostimulant and cicatrizing.

It can be taken to combat inflammations such as canker sores, abscesses, gingivitis, or even to deal with irritation and burns . Even toothache can find relief thanks to this product.

One of the most common uses, then, is for the inflamed throat, but it is also a remedy for other cooling symptoms such as cough , cold and more.

How to use

Propolis can be found pure only by beekeepers, while instead in herbalists and dedicated shops you can buy the mother tincture of propolis, but also of oils or other products.

Usually the alcoholic solution is recommended, which is taken by dissolving 8 to 10 drops in a glass of water. It is also better if taken between meals. Alternatively, use less drops and take it with a teaspoon of honey .

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