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Protecting yourself from Covid: how to prevent contagion inside and outside the home

disinfectant gel masks

The second wave of Coronavirus infections has also hit our country. Let’s find out some useful tips to be able to protect yourself from Covid, inside and outside the home.

With the advent of the second wave of infections, it was also necessary in our country to impose targeted lockdowns, to avoid the spread of the disease. But in addition to following the rules imposed by the Government, to protect yourself from Covid, it is good to follow a few simple behaviors . In fact, there are some fundamental rules, also dictated by common sense, which if applied can make the curve go down faster. So let’s try to understand what is the importance of always wearing a mask and what needs to be done to protect yourself from Covid.

Protect yourself from Covid outside the home

In recent months we have learned to leave the house always wearing a mask. In fact, it is essential to remember that the prevention of Covid contagion does not start at home, but must start from the behaviors that take place outside . Therefore, always going out wearing a mask, in addition to being one of the prescriptions of the DPCM, is essential to avoid unnecessary risks.

disinfectant gel masks
disinfectant gel masks

It should be remembered that you must also wear the mask outdoors, covering both nose and mouth, especially when it is not possible to keep the safety distance. Furthermore, to protect yourself from Covid outside the home, it is important to sanitize your hands often, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. In this way, even if you have touched surfaces that are not clean or sanitized, you will be able to preserve your body from the aggression of the virus.

But if you want to make sure you keep the virus out the door, remember to take off your shoes as soon as you get home. This practice will not only protect you from Covid, but it is useful in keeping the home environment away from microorganisms. Finally, in addition to always wearing a mask and washing your hands often, it is good to keep clothes and coats on a hanger and not place them on the bed. We also remind you that you need to wash your hands immediately, thoroughly and carefully.

Protect yourself from Covid at home: sanitize the bathroom

Another very important practice to protect yourself from Covid is to always keep the bathroom clean. In this room we go to wash our hands and therefore it is one of the most exposed to the presence of the virus. Specifically, however, the cleaning of the bathroom should be carried out, to remove contaminants, and its disinfection . This step is aimed at eliminating pathogenic organisms.

Both procedures are recommended, especially if there are many people who frequent the bathroom. The first step can be done with water, a cleaning spray and a sponge or towel. You can then proceed with disinfection, using disinfectants or similar products. In fact, it has been shown that the virus dies after about a minute, on a surface that has been disinfected with ethyl alcohol , hydrogen peroxide or bleach.

Protecting yourself from Covid at home: nutrition

As we have learned in recent months, nutrition and lifestyle also play a fundamental role in protecting ourselves from Covid. According to recent studies, in fact, Quercetin, a flavonoid widely present in fruit and vegetables, plays a preventive role against various diseases, without considering its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

shopping delivery
shopping delivery

In fact, Quercetin is able to reduce inflammation , which is why it can also be used to treat conditions caused by Coronavirus. More generally, however, we can say that a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can be of great help in preventing diseases and other disorders. This therefore means that you should not simply add Quercetin to your diet, but also change your food and non-food choices.

Covid, are home deliveries really safe?

With the blockade imposed by the government , the revised mobility and the lockout of bars and restaurants, many people have relied on delivery services. But the question arises, are home deliveries really safe? The answer is obviously yes, above all because procedures have been studied that avoid contacts between couriers and customers. In fact, to give an example, to collect a registered letter it is no longer necessary to sign, as well as to collect a package or dinner.

In addition, virtual and online payments also simplify relations between riders and customers, who no longer have to exchange money and banknotes. And what about food or packaging ? Well, to date there are no studies that confirm this thesis. In fact, the people found to be infected were infected through direct contacts with other positives. Furthermore, the virus would be able to survive only inside a human host and there is no evidence that Covid can pass through food, including raw food. However, performing a treatment at at least 60 ° for thirty minutes can avert any risk of contagion.

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