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Psoas, the muscle of happiness: that’s why it’s important to train it

Belly woman

Also called muscle of soul or happiness, psoas is one of the most important muscles in the body. Find out how to train it to enjoy all the benefits.

Despite being one of the most important muscles in the body, psoas is often forgotten and neglected. This muscle is responsible for the lumbar area and, if poorly trained, it could lead to pain and the typical arched walk that we see in older people.

The psoas is also known as the muscle of the soul or happiness : by joining the lower part of the body with the upper part, it plays an important role in supporting self-esteem and bearing .

It helps posture , avoids back pain and lower back pain, makes the habit more elegant. In short, training it is essential . But how do you do it? Let’s find out together.

How to strengthen the muscle of happiness

Belly woman
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As already mentioned, training psoas has numerous beneficial effects . However, the list did not end there: a well-trained psoas can also help fight anxieties , thus contributing to a person’s good mood, happiness.

How does this muscle lessen worries? Simple: the psoas is connected to the diaphragm , fundamental for our breathing. In particular, if we talk about calm and deep breathing . By calming and slowing down the breath, body and mind also relax.

Having ascertained the importance of fortifying this muscle , let’s discover an exercise that allows us to do it quickly and easily . To begin with, lie on your stomach in the air, then lift yourself up on your elbows. After bending your hip and right knee, bring your leg to your chest, but remember not to crawl your foot. Do ten reps alternating the side.

Psoas, how to make it more elastic and stretch it

When we talk about psoas, we know that reinforcing it is not the only necessary operation. It is also important to make it more elastic and stretch it .

To promote elasticity , put yourself in the supine position, legs stretched. Then, contracting your abs, lift your feet off the ground, alternating them. The distance between your foot and the floor, or any other surface on which you do your exercises, must be about ten centimeters. Thirty repetitions per day will be required for results to be seen.

If you want to stretch the psoas, lie down again with your stomach facing upwards, on a bed or other comfortable surface, raised off the ground. With your hands, bring one knee to your chest and make the other leg protrude from the bed. After holding this position for a period of time that can vary from 30 to 60 seconds , change sides and perform the same movement.

Photo source: exercise-1867743/

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