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Puff pastry Christmas tree: a perfect appetizer for the holidays

Salty puff pastry tree

The salty puff pastry Christmas tree is a perfect appetizer to spread the festive atmosphere on your table. Here is the recipe step by step!

If you love Christmas savory pies and want to make a perfect one for the holidays, here is an unmissable recipe for you: the salty puff pastry Christmas tree! This dish has a double power, because in addition to being delicious it will decorate the table with its typically Christmas shape. Moreover, it is a recipe that lends itself perfectly to being eaten in convivial and social moments… in short, can you think of something better to brighten up your Christmas ?

Today we will stuff the tree with cold cuts and cheese, but you can add whatever you like best, from anchovies to spinach to any ingredients that can stimulate your imagination .

You are ready? Then we start: here is the recipe salty tree Christmas!

Salty puff pastry tree
Salty puff pastry tree

How to make Christmas tree puff pastry

  1. Take the first roll of puff pastry and unroll it completely. At this point, cut the ham and cheese into small pieces and stuff everything by adding a sprinkling of pepper, then cut horizontal strips leaving a log in the center. Stuff the strips and then roll them up on themselves
  2. Do the same with the other roll, stuffing it with the olive paté. Now take a baking tray, line it with parchment paper and then arrange the two trees on top of each other to give a shape similar to that of a Christmas tree, alternating the two different flavors.
  3. At this point, beat an egg and with a kitchen brush sprinkle the whole tree. Finish with sesame seeds and finally bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C. Once it is cooked, decorate with small pieces of peppers.

Your puff pastry tree is ready, and it can very well be presented as a Christmas-themed appetizer ! Enjoy your meal … and Happy Holidays! If you liked the Christmas tree recipe of puff pastry, check out the video of the preparation .

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Puff pastry Christmas trees: the variant with swivels and mini trees

Puff pastry saplings
Puff pastry saplings

What we have just described step by step is, of course, a perfect Christmas tree-shaped savory pie. You can, of course, vary with the salty filling, in order to always try new and different tastes (we recommend thesalmon mousse , or stuffed with spreadable cheese and pieces of ham).

In addition to the variations in the filling, there are other cute and themed ideas for making an equally rustic and tasty puff pastry tree. We recommend, for example, the Christmas tree of swivels: to prepare it you will have to cut the rectangular puff pastry into many strips about 1-1.5 cm thick. and stuff them with what you prefer (a layer of Philadelphia and salmon, or ham, tomato puree with provolone, etc.). At this point, roll each swivel making sure that the sauce is on the inside and arrange all the rolls in a pan covered with parchment paper, all close and dart to the final result the shape of a tree. During cooking, the swivels will join together and create your tree!

In addition, you can also make not only a puff pastry fir, but smaller saplings . To do this, also in this case cut the puff pastry into strips, stuff it as you like on one side (we put a speck cord on each) and then fold each strip like an accordion . At this point skewer them with a wooden stick and inform. As a last decoration for these Christmas trees of puff pastry you can replace the star at the tip with an olive.


This Christmas appetizer can be kept (in all its variants) for a maximum of 1-2 days in the refrigerator, inside a container with an airtight lid. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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