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Puffed potatoes: clouds full of crunchiness

Puffed potatoes

You don’t need magic to make puffed potatoes at home, you just need to cook them very carefully and in two stages. Here is the quick recipe.

Have you heard of puffed potatoes and don’t know how to make them? Don’t worry, the recipe is also very easy to make at home. To make it, all you need is quality potatoes and excellent oil. Making them so swollen is not impossible and not even magic. To do this you only need to pay close attention to cooking . To be exact, there are two cooking methods that allow this ingredient to swell and incorporate a lot of air.

For this reason, you need two pans to bring to different temperatures . The thermal shock allows this phenomenon. The result is small yellow clouds filled with air . A very soft aspect that, however, contrasts with the crunchiness of the potatoes after frying. In short, let’s move on to the procedure immediately!

Puffed potatoes
Puffed potatoes

Preparation of the recipe for puffed potatoes

  1. The first thing to do is to cut the potatoes . To be precise, it is advisable to use the mandolin . The slices, in fact, must have a very small thickness, about 3 mm . Alternatively, you can slice them by hand, but you have to be very precise.
  2. At this point, take two high-sided pans and fill each with seed oil . The best choice is peanut seeds.
  3. Move both (and at the same time) on a stove: one on low heat and the other on high heat .
  4. Wait for both to reach the perfect temperature. The one on a low flame must reach 150 ° C , while the other one at 180 ° C. Check this with a kitchen thermometer.
  5. Dip a few slices of potatoes into the pan over low heat. Cook for 5 minutes , turning them when they begin to swell.
  6. When they appear perfectly swollen, take them out and move them to the other pan. Here, cooking takes a few seconds, just long enough to brown them evenly.
  7. Drain and place them on absorbent paper before being able to salt them. Repeat the operation until all the slices are fried.


Making these magical and incredibly puffy potatoes is super easy. The preparation involves only a few steps for a very crunchy and exceptionally tasty result. You can keep these delicacies in a paper bag for a maximum of 2 days .

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