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Puffy face: causes and natural remedies

girl in the mirror

A swollen face is a problem that can arise for a variety of reasons. Let’s find out the main causes and how to act to deflate it immediately.

When you find yourself with a swollen face, the first concern is to get it back as normal as possible.
In reality, however, one should first of all worry about the reason for its sudden change .
Behind the possible causes, there are in fact some that should be investigated. Furthermore, knowing the reasons behind the swelling of the face, it will certainly be easier to intervene to make it return as before.

Puffy face: the most common causes and that it is important to know

Suddenly finding yourself with a swollen face does not please anyone, especially if you have no idea why and how to fix it.

girl in the mirror
girl in the mirror

Fortunately, this is a fairly common situation and which, in addition to having various possible causes , also has various remedies to return to the way it was before. Before moving on to the remedies, however, it is very important to analyze the problem of the swollen face and the causes that can lead to swelling of the face. Generally, this state can in fact depend on a period of stress, a sleepless night, a physical trauma, the intake of too salty foods or drugs that can give this side effect.

In other cases it may be the sign of an allergy in progress, of sinusitis or dental abscesses and in more extreme cases, it may be an ongoing pathology such as kidney failure or the like. The first thing to do when you find yourself with a suddenly swollen face is therefore to contact your doctor. Once the cause has been ascertained, taking action will be much easier.

How to deflate your face naturally

If nothing serious has emerged from the medical examination, the swollen face is most likely due to an incorrect diet or excessive tiredness. Fortunately for a swollen face, there is no shortage of remedies . Among the many, in addition to better rest and greater attention to what you eat, it is important to hydrate yourself a lot in order to fight possible water retention.

That said, you can also act naturally by applying ice to the spots that appear swollen in the morning. In this way the face should begin to tone up and resume its usual appearance. A yogurt and honey compress can also help relieve swelling. Especially if a draining massage is added to everything and is able to reactivate the lymphatic system of the area. To do this, you can also help yourself with ready-made natural oils such as sweet almond oil.

There is also the much appreciated cucumber which, among other things, helps to disinfect the skin. Packs in the morning will therefore prove to be very effective in this regard. Following the basic guidelines and taking care of your face will help solve urgent cases and at the same time prevent swelling from returning.

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