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Pumpkin exfoliating mask, the steps to prepare it at home

pumpkin mask

During the winter a pumpkin exfoliating mask is perfect for its nourishing properties on the skin and for its ease of DIY preparation.

Among the natural remedies that combine physical well-being and beauty, pumpkin is the food par excellence that meets all our needs. As a food it represents the right mix between taste and health and, not everyone knows, that it is also an excellent ally of beauty.

Preparing a pumpkin exfoliating mask for the well-being of our face is not only simple but also quick to make at home. Let’s find out how to prepare it , to start using it!

Pumpkin exfoliating mask, how to prepare it

To have a natural and home remedy, pumpkin is always an ingredient that is worth trying. Not only is it perfect in this winter period for a healthy diet rich in beneficial nutrients but it can also become a true beauty ally !

Pumpkin mask
Pumpkin mask

Making a perfect pumpkin-based moisturizing and exfoliating mask is quick and easy. The necessary ingredients are: 3 tablespoons of pumpkin puree , 1 spoon of yogurt and 1 spoon of brown sugar. Pour the puree, obtained by whipping the raw pumpkin into chunks , together with the yogurt and sugar.

Mix well until the three ingredients are mixed and then apply on your face , washed and well removed, with a spatula or a special brush. Massage with your fingertips as an exfoliating scrub for about 2 minutes and then leave on for another 15. Once the necessary time has elapsed, just rinse carefully to have a smoother, healthier and silky skin!

What to apply after the pumpkin treatment

Just like the corn starch face mask, even the pumpkin one, once rinsed, implies the application of some specific products . For those who tend to have oily or combination skin, the application of a special serum will be necessary. While those with drier or more mature skin will have to apply a moisturizer or a moisturizing oil for delicate skin!

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