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Purifying herbal tea: what it is used for and with what ingredients it is prepared

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The purifying herbal tea is useful for recovering from overeating by giving help to your body. Let’s find out what it is for and how to prepare it.

When you eat too much or come from a period of excess, one way to recover more quickly is to help yourself with purifying herbal teas. These, if included in a healthy and balanced diet , help to purify the toxins that are released from certain foods. Furthermore, depending on the ingredients chosen, they can perform different functions, helping to dispose of excess fluids, lose weight and free yourself from the sense of heaviness that often follows periods in which we eat in a poorly controlled way.

Purifying herbal tea: what is it for

As already mentioned, purifying herbal teas can have different purposes. There are, for example, those that help eliminate excess liquids, those that dispose of toxins and those that promote weight loss. Each herbal tea plays a specific role that changes according to the ingredients included in it.

woman with cup
woman with cup

Ingredients that can usually be recommended by the doctor or herbalist and which are almost always herbs, spices, rhizomes and in some cases fruits. In any case, a detoxifying or purifying herbal tea is at the same time useful to the body, as it can act as a support for the organs involved in the elimination of toxins .

Examples of herbal teas to prepare at home

For a good purifying herbal tea it is important to choose the right ingredients . Some of the most important are: the herbal tea with fennel, the one with milk thistle, the artichoke, the one with dandelion, turmeric and the one based on birch extract.

To make the herbal tea work, just add one ingredient at a time or have the herbalist make a mix. Once ready, the herbal tea must be drunk hot . Generally a good time is in the morning, but the afternoon or evening before going to sleep is also fine.

Warning: before taking any herbal tea it is important to be sure that you do not have allergies or problems with the herb or food chosen. Furthermore, in case of pathologies it is always better to ask your doctor for an opinion first. Although these are natural remedies, stimulating certain organs can be counterproductive in some cases.

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