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Purifying in February: 10 strategies to eliminate toxins

Hot water

After January and the holidays, it is important to detoxify the body. Let’s see how to purify yourself in February.

Officially the Christmas and New Year holidays end on January 6th and from that moment we should go back to our healthy eating habits. In truth, however, we often find ourselves eating panettone and all the other advanced desserts throughout the month of January.

The real detox, therefore, is to be postponed to the following month. Of course, in February there are Carnival and Valentine’s Day, but the excesses cannot be prolonged too long! By the way, deflating and eliminating toxins is not that difficult. Let’s see what are the rules to follow to purify in February.

How to cleanse yourself in February

Hot water
Hot water

1. Drink detox herbal teas. The best way to detoxify the body from toxins and at the same time fight the cold is to drink many detox herbal teas. The best and most effective is the one based on ginger and lemon , but simple green tea (without sugar, of course) is also excellent.

2. Eliminate sugars. To purify and lose weight, unfortunately you have to give up sugars and we are not only referring to sugar to be added to tea, coffee and herbal teas, but also to candies, sweets and carbonated drinks.

3. Reduce carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are sugars too, but you don’t have to eliminate them entirely. Just eat some pasta or rice for lunch, without bread.

4. Eat whole foods. To cleanse yourself of toxins you need to take many fibers, which are contained in whole grains .

5. Give up alcohol. Spirits contain sugars and intoxicate the liver. Two good reasons not to drink them.

6. Eat liquid foods. Once a week, eat only liquid foods, such as soups, cream soups, fruit and vegetable smoothies .

7. Make fruit snacks. Do not eat fruit after a meal, but mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as a snack between meals.

8. Take the sauna. The sauna and Turkish bath help eliminate toxins through sweat. However, refrain from suffering from low blood pressure .

10. Walk. Finally, do many outdoor walks, go walk to work and leave the car at home whenever you can.

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