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Purple fruits and vegetables safeguard your intestine: find out why!

Purple fruits and vegetables safeguard your intestine: find out why!

According to a research, there is a substance contained in purple foods that helps preventing intestine problems.

Everyone knows how healthy fruits and vegetables are. however, not everyone knows about the properties of purple foods. A recent study proved that they protect the intestine from some specific diseases because of their content of proanthocyanidins. these substances have a high protective action on the intestine. Let’s find out the outcomes of this interesting study.

Purple fruits and vegetables: properties

According to a study concerning purple fruits and vegetables, these products protect the intestine from many diseases. They are particularly rich in proanthocyanidins, a type of flavonoids that prevents cardiovascular disease and cancer, as already proven by othere researches.

This new studyb focused on their action on the intestine. Researchers gave test animals a lot of proanthocyanidins for 15 days in a row. then, they stopped and gave them for 5 days a lipopolysaccharide (LPS) which usually triggers a specific intestinal inflammation.

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Researchers found out that test animals, after having taken the proanthocyanidins, where protected against LPS.

The best purple fruits and vegetables

Here there is a list of the best purple foods that, due to their content of this flavonoid, can protect our intestine from inflammations. For what concerns vegetables, there are eggplants, red cauliflower, radish, red beet, purple carrots and potatoes.

Instead, when it comes to fruits, there are grapes, blackberries, blueberries, plums, figs, black ribes and prunes. The Mediterranean diet contains all these foods daily.

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