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Quick and tasty potato recipes: 5 dishes without spending

Sage potatoes

They are the most used vegetable in the kitchen, yet everyone is looking for new recipes with potatoes, because it is wonderful to bring something new to the table starting from known ingredients.

Here are five recipes with potatoes, dishes that make use of these wonderful tubers, which have always been present in our tradition, are very versatile and excellent in the kitchen for preparing savory but also sweet foods: first courses, side dishes, unique dishes … there is practically no “course” which cannot be enriched with potatoes. And there is also another advantage: we can find them good in every month of the year !

Here are five potato recipes selected for you.

How to choose potatoes and prepare them

Usually they are bought in net bags, but if you have the means, you can choose the best potatoes by probing them with your touch . They must be firm , but also of a homogeneous color , without stains or strange marks.

There are so many different recipes with potatoes that even the ways of preparing them are different. If you want to boil them, they must be kept in water for at least a quarter of an hour after boiling, but if the potatoes are large, it exceeds half an hour. If you want to fry them they will need to be cut at least 3 centimeters thick. And so on. There are so many methods of preparation that they are often indicated in the different recipes with potatoes.

Because potatoes are good for you

Potatoes are good for you , because they contain potassium, complete carbohydrates and Vitamin C. They are excellent in diets to combat diabetes , but also anti-inflammatory . They are very energetic foods and useful in case of gastric and intestinal problems .

Curiosities about potatoes

Potatoes are not native to our lands. They come from the Americas and were imported by the Spaniards. There is a variety of potato, the Bonnotte , which is harvested only by hand and only in ten days of the year. Their cost is about $ 400 per kilo. Before the French Revolution, King Louis XVII imposed the need to have potatoes very often at court banquets. And Queen Marie Antoinette even went so far as to decorate her hairstyles with potato sprouts.

Five recipes with potatoes

Given the great versatility of potatoes as an ingredient, present in the typical dishes of all Italian regions, we have chosen to offer you five recipes with very different potatoes and suitable for different moments of lunch or dinner.

  1. Sage potatoes
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Potato and bacon roses
  4. Potato pie with cheese and spinach
  5. Croquettes of potatoes, agretti and stracchino

Sage potatoes: very fast and amazing

Sage potatoes
Sage potatoes

Here is a tasty , cheap and easy to prepare side dish , you can also use leftover boiled potatoes. Sage potatoes are one of the quick potato recipes that you can put on the table in no time. Very simple dish, it is made of few ingredients , yet it is amazing. Our recipe starts with potatoes to be boiled, but it is an excellent recipe to take advantage of boiled potatoes left over from a previous lunch. In this way you bring them back to life, while simply heating them you will notice the loss of freshness.

Learning how to make perfect sage potatoes is very simple, try it!

Potato mash: recipe with potatoes for the whole family

Mashed potatoes in a pan
Mashed potatoes in a pan

You can serve the mashed potatoes simple, it is already very good this way, or enrich it with cheeses and cold cuts of your choice. This recipe with potatoes is prepared in a few minutes , otherwise it is just a matter of waiting for the cooling time of the freshly mashed potatoes. It is a very versatile dish because you can enrich it by inserting diced cheeses or / and cured meats into the dough. In smaller portions you can also serve the schiacciata as an appetizer. If you prefer, you can bake it in the oven, using a suitable pan at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Discover all the secrets of mashed potatoes and prepare it in no time for friends and family.

Potato and bacon roses

Roselline potatoes and bacon
Roselline potatoes and bacon

Here is another one of the quick potato recipes that you will love for sure. Potato and bacon roses are a delicious and original appetizer to be served even at a buffet or an aperitif with friends. The potatoes and bacon roses are an original idea to serve a delicious and tasty appetizer . These delicious roses can be prepared with thinly sliced ​​potatoes and bacon slices.

Also excellent if prepared in advance and reheated when needed. Alternatively you can also try the potato roses and puff pastry while if you prefer another cured meat you can prepare the potato and speck roses following the recipe below.

The potatoes and bacon roses are prepared in no time, but they are so mouth-watering that they are mouth-watering.

Potato pie with cheese and fresh spinach

Potato cake
Potato cake

The potato pie with cheese and spicy fresh spinach is the solution to feed small groups of hungry friends and practically cooks itself

This recipe with potatoes and cheese is the solution when you have some potatoes at home and something good to put in it: that’s it, you will serve your potato pie with cheese and spicy spinach , without realizing it.

The recipe for this potato cake is really simple, with just a few ingredients you will bring home an appetizer or main course with all the trimmings.

Croquettes of potatoes, agretti and stracchino

Potato and agretti croquettes
Potato and agretti croquettes

The potato, agretti and stracchino croquettes are creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, a real treat. Potato croquettes, agretti and stracchino can easily be a side dish for a light dish or a vegetarian dish themselves (in that case, however, 2 people are needed) accompanied by a nice mixed salad.

Try our proposal of agretti potato croquettes and stracchino .

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