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Quinoa diet: how to lose weight in a healthy way


The quinoa diet is ideal for those who want to lose weight without sacrificing taste.

Quinoa is a pseudo cereal rich in beneficial properties and particularly suitable for those on a diet or, more simply, want to eat healthily. In addition to having few calories (about 120 per 100 grams) it is in fact a low glycemic index food, gluten and instamine free. The perfect choice for allergy sufferers and for those who need to find alternatives to bread and pasta. Multifaceted like few other foods it can be found in grains, puffed or in the form of flour, which makes it a perfect food for every meal of the day, especially if you are on a diet.

How the quinoa diet works

The quinoa diet allows you to eat normally and without too many sacrifices. In fact, it is enough to insert it at least a couple of times a day in your diet to obtain the benefits.

The good thing is that once cooked it takes on a fair volume. Added to this is the fact that it has enormous satiating power and that keeping blood sugar levels low helps you lose weight more quickly .

What matters is to always remember to rinse the bean well before using it. Quinoa contains saponins which can create allergy or stomach problems.

The quinoa diet: the menu to follow

The quinoa diet allows you to eat naturally, as long as you choose healthy foods and don’t overdo the quantities. By inserting it during the day and replacing bread and pasta, both calories and the increase of sugars will be reduced and all for the benefit of the line.

To put it in your diet, you can start from the morning by eating sugar-free soy milk with puffed quinoa.
With quinoa flour , on the other hand, you can get excellent cakes that are perfect for eating both for breakfast and snacks.


If you prefer to include it only with main meals, you can use the one in beans instead of rice. In this case, attention must be paid to how to cook quinoa because after rinsing it thoroughly, it will be cooked following the instructions indicated on the package. That said, you can eat with pumpkin and chicken, with zucchini and tofu or with other ingredients of your choice.
For dinner, however, you can make a piadina with quinoa flour to be stuffed with chicken and salad.

Like any other food, quinoa can also have contraindications . If you suffer from certain pathologies or take medications, it is therefore advisable to consult your doctor.

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