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Ratna yoga: interpret the positions to harmonize the energy!

Ratna yoga: interpret the positions to harmonize the energy!

Ratna yoga is the latest fitness trend. Its different positions are interpreted to make your inner self arise and to harmonize woman energy!

Yoga is a discipline that frees the body and mind while practicing physical activity. The new fitness trend is now Ratna yoga, in which you perform and interpret the different positions to make your inner self and femininity to emerge.

In other words, by practicing this activity, the most precious things enclosed inside of us arise in all their splendor. The idea comes from the Italian Gabriella Cella, a yoga teacher, who wants to pull out the deepest beauty of a woman soul. She suggested that, often, doubts, fears and insecurities hide it.

Ratna yoga: what is it and what is it for?

This practice stems from original yoga, but it truly brings out the female inner world. During the last edition of the Milan Yoga Festival, the teacher said: “This discipline has been a great success, because its aim is to enhance and harmonise the female energy“.

In this practice, the execution of asanas and movements are not only physical exercises and actions. Instead, you need to interpret the movement at its best, bring out your mood. In this way, our fears manifest and we can free ourselves from negative energies.

Ratna yoga
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In addition, by practicing this activity we can know ourselves more deeply, find determination, courage and strength. For example, the Warrior position gives strength, the Dog one gives courage and the Cobra gives the ability of adaptation.

This is not the only news about yoga, in fact there are Wine yoga, which is the practice of it while sipping wine, and horseback yoga, as a pet therapy. Many schools have already listed it as an official subject.

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