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Re-growth problems? Find out how to hide it easily and without going out

Hide regrowth

Hiding regrowth can become a problem, especially when it is not possible to go to the hairdresser. Here are some tricks.

Whether it is white hair or simply an imminent change of look , at some point you will have to deal with regrowth. It is not always necessary to hide it, but there are those who prefer to do it. In these cases, there are solutions that allow you to remedy the problem. Some methods allow you to hide regrowth temporarily , in emergencies. Others guarantee longer lasting results. Let’s find out.

The hairstyle to hide the regrowth

Do you have to hide regrowth but are in a hurry and don’t have time to remedy the problem? A quick way to do this is undoubtedly to cover the affected area with hairstyles designed to do this.

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First of all, it is good to avoid hairstyles with the line in the middle . It is precisely the type of hairstyle that makes the regrowth very visible. It is preferable to devote yourself to more lively styles, perhaps by bringing the tuft to the side, or more voluminous .

However, the best way to hide the regrowth through the hairstyle is undoubtedly to create a chignon (or a high tail) and cover the front area with the help of a headband.

Hiding regrowth at home: do-it-yourself methods

If you are trying to hide the regrowth in a more lasting way and without leaving home, there are solutions within everyone’s reach that will help you in your intent.

The first option is to use henna . It can be used as a temporary tint (it lasts less than a normal tint but still has a very valid duration) by almost everyone, but it is necessary to be careful: for those with blond hair , or in any case of light shades, there are specific formulas, more delicate.

A valid alternative is undoubtedly that of using the spray color . To apply it, it will be necessary to maintain a certain distance from the hair and spray continuously at the hair root, where the regrowth occurs. However, it is possible that each spray has different indications: it is always good to read the instructions on the package.

The third and final solution is to use hair make- up. It is a less durable solution than the other two, but very simple to use. We are talking about hair mascara , a type of make-up that allows you to (temporarily) hide the signs of regrowth.

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