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Recipes with truffles: five exclusive dishes for refined moments

Meat with truffle mushroom sauce

Here are five recipes with truffles to bring to the table exclusive dishes that will impress: at the table, with class!

Sooner or later you come across recipes with truffles , or you experience the desire to cook with truffles to amaze and bring classy dishes to the table. But what is it about? The truffle is the name given to an “underground” mushroom, that is, it grows exclusively underground. Over the years it has been seen more and more on the table, thanks to its strong scent , its intense and characteristic aroma , which gives the dishes a rich and inimitable flavor.

Cook with the truffle and prepare it

Italy is one of the main producers and exporters of truffles. This exclusive and refined ingredient is used in Italian cuisine to give a unique flavor to first and second courses. Only a small amount is used, just like a spice. And its value and cost justify this thrifty use.

It is possible to prepare recipes with truffles that have recently been picked, or frozen. It can be cut into slices, grated whole, reduced to a puree or in a sauce, possibly even with oil and flour. It must be thoroughly cleaned and brushed to remove any dirt particles. Fresh is tastier , perhaps grated or with melted butter or hot bechamel.

How to choose the truffle

To choose the best truffle you have to close your eyes and smell . Avoid the gaze, it could distract you: you have to choose the most fragrant truffles with the best aroma. Also evaluate the consistency. The important thing is to choose firm and not soft truffles: they could be old! Weight also helps. The heavier the weight, the more water is present in the tissues of the truffle, a clear sign of its freshness. Don’t worry about picking out truffles with holes. The hole is not a sign of an insect infestation , just that some forest snails have fed on the mushroom, a sign of its goodness.

Curiosities about the truffle

According to legend, Count Camillo Benso di Cavour used to offer truffle banquets, to “soften” the resistance of his guests when he had to discuss politics with them. Lord Byron loved to keep truffles on his desk, because he claimed that their scent stimulated his imagination. Truffles are said to have aphrodisiac effects. This would be attributable to the presence of Landrosterione , an odorous substance that slows down the production of serotonin and therefore gives them a sense of calm and serenity.

Five easy recipes based on truffles

The perfume, the exclusive aroma, the price… everything contributes, in the recipes with truffles, to create unique and special dishes, suitable for occasions of a certain importance. Here then are the five recipes with truffles that we have selected.

  1. Rump with mushroom truffle sauce
  2. Green lasagna with potatoes and truffle
  3. White truffle fondue
  4. Salted lady’s kisses with pistachios, truffle and mortadella
  5. Fassone tartare with truffle oil and green pepper

Mushroom truffle sauce: try it on the rump

Meat with truffle mushroom sauce
Meat with truffle mushroom sauce

Here is a second course with a triumphal and inviting aspect : rump of beef with truffle mushroom sauce. It will certainly win you over, with its tasty flavor and that sauce you can hardly resist. It will be a pleasure, after having finished the meat, to make a nice shoe with the bread , to collect the cream: just add a spoonful of truffle mushroom sauce, mix it with the freshly cooked mushrooms and the dish is served!

Our recipe for rump with truffle mushroom sauce is just to try, to fall in love with it.

Recipes with truffles for special moments: lasagna

Green lasagna with potatoes and truffle
Green lasagna with potatoes and truffle

We prepare a tasty first course excellent for winter days or holidays , green lasagna with potatoes and truffles, certainly capable of making your guests lick their lips.
We prepare an excellent Christmas first course, to be enjoyed together with your guests making them lick their mustaches: green lasagna with potatoes and truffles. Your menu for special occasions , therefore, will be enriched with a truly hyper-tasty first course.

Find out how to prepare these delicious and gourmet green lasagna with potatoes and truffles .

White truffle recipes: fondue

Truffle fondue
Truffle fondue

Fondue is one of the white truffle recipes that are part of the traditional Piedmontese and Aosta Valley cuisine , very refined and tasty.
It is a wonderful dish even if unfortunately not affordable for all budgets. Serve it accompanied by light and crunchy croutons and it will be perfect. If you want the scent of truffles without fainting, you can use the truffle oil, giving a raw spin over each bowl. It’s not the same, but it’s a good one.

To taste these flavors without errors, try our Alba white truffle fondue recipe .

Cold cuts, pistachios and recipes with truffles


Here are salted Baci di dama with pistachios, truffle and mortadella. It is a very tasty finger food, absolutely classy that pays homage to Bolognese mortadella. They are beautiful to look at and are very tasty, with that final scent of truffles that will conquer even the most refined palates. Perfect for a brunch or a prestigious occasion, they are the ideal dish to impress guests .

Discover all the secrets of our salted lady’s kisses with pistachios with mortadella and truffle .

Tartare: the queen of recipes with truffle oil

Fassone tartare with truffle oil
Fassone tartare with truffle oil

Of all the recipes with truffle oil, we particularly like this Fassone Tartare for its special appearance and for the fact that it is a refined appetizer. Perfect for an elegant occasion, a dinner of a certain level , it is the ideal dish for lovers of gourmet food and connoisseurs .

To learn the secrets of the Fassone tartare with truffle oil and green pepper it takes very little!

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