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Red, black, pink and white: here is the palette of trendy bags for autumn / winter 2021

Black handbag with chain

Handbag, practical shoulder bags, with varied shapes and colors, for a cheerful and elegant autumn when needed.

To be carried by hand like a precious trunk or to be worn over the shoulder on the fly, practical and dynamic as Coco Chanel liked, but always colorful: color is the main focus of the bags for this fall 2021, which they enjoy playing and mixing basic colors, but also to steal the nuances of autumn and explore them. From orange to red, retracing the many and varied shades of the color of passion, up to even touching pink or fuchsia: there is a great desire to live the days in color, between work and free time, and a indispensable accessory such as the bag could only be the perfect interpreter.

Autumn / winter 2021 bags: Max Mara, Versace, Gucci, Valentino

The it-bags remain the main inspiration from which to start: they are the bags signed by the big brands that outline the shapes and colors destined to set trends, often well beyond the season. Haute couture agrees on two points in terms of color: white and black as undisputed colors of elegance, even in two-tone versions, and on red, a color of passion, of energy , of that vivacity that makes it special our every day. Leather, on the other hand, is the undisputed trendy fabric of the season.

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– So this dance of life is condensed in the Whitney bag by Max Mara , a classic of the classics, to be carried by hand or over the shoulder in a burgundy version, to be combined without half measures with a bright and sexy red. The trend is precisely that of playing, daring with bright red , combining it with soft colors like blue or neutral colors like beige, also giving life to multicolor games like Versace .

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– Gucci on the other hand prefers nude and raw shades, re-proposing a classic like the Jackie with gold-colored details and the Gucci Diana with bamboo handles both in black for those looking for a monumental it-bag, but without forgetting this express devotion to red once again from Jackie, who for her elegance prefers a shade that veers towards bordeaux .

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– For Valentino the ideal bag is a shoulder bag that mixes the sophistication of a clutch bag and the practicality of a saddlebag , embellished with the logo of the golden maison in plain sight: black outside, red inside, it is the maximum expression of glamor that meets the rock soul of the Studsign line, with the shoulder strap covered with gold-colored studs.

2021 fashion trends: the bag matches the nuances of the shoes, even in contrasting colors

The touch of class and glam of this year’s fashion trends is to match the bag to the shoes, almost rediscovering an old diktat that in reality has perhaps never gone unnoticed. But be careful: it does not mean that it must be the same color, but an invitation to play with contrasts and shades . For example, with a pink bag we can combine a red shoe, with a black bag why not play wearing white shoes like in this Tod’s look?

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– Even the total black or total white looks enter among the inspo outfits on which to focus on the occasion of parties or evenings, and in this great lessons have been transmitted to us in recent months by Balenciaga, because the invitation is to follow the trails and inspirations, but finding a way to make them your own to fully express your personal through fashion, as well as with colors.

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