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Red Grapes are perfect against cellulite. An ancient knowledge finds confirmation in scientific research

grape anti-cellulite properties baro cosmetics

Cellulite is the great worry of many women. We all know that fighting cellulite is very difficult, because this skin blemish really affects all women and getting rid of it is not easy at all.

How many times has it happened to you to avoid wearing skirts and shorts to hide your legs, or have you avoided sitting down for fear that the skin would crush and reveal its orange peel texture?

Fortunately, scientific research comes to our aid, and recently discovered that red grapes are an excellent antioxidant, draining and detoxifying agent . The Barolo delle Langhe grape in Piedmont seems to be a real winning weapon against cellulite blemishes and to remove orange peel skin.

A company from Alba, Piedmont, which has now become famous, has developed numerous anti-cellulite products in its laboratories by exploiting the beneficial properties of red grapes. If you still don’t know them, you can find Barò Cosmetics products on a limited-time offer .

Obviously, Barò products are silicone-free, paraben-free, without any chemical ingredients and without animal testing.

grape anti-cellulite properties baro cosmetics

The evolution of an ancient practice

What scientific research has recently shown is actually an ancient and widespread practice since the time of Queen Cleopatra , who used to take wine baths to improve the quality of her skin.

In the last century, wine therapy as a certified beauty treatment developed in the 1990s in the most famous French wine region: Bordeaux

slimming products baro cosmetics

Thanks to the collaboration between Mathilde Cathiard, the daughter of the owners of a vineyard and Professor Joseph Vercauteren, who discovered the exceptional benefits that grapes and wine have on the skin. Yes, because grapes and wine contain polyphenols, phytoalexins, organic acids and bioflavonoids , which have multiple properties, such as:

  • anti age
  • firming
  • elasticizing
  • toning
  • draining
  • smoothing.

Treatments such as wine baths, compresses with vine leaves and must massages have the power to:

  • stimulate circulation,
  • promote drainage,
  • favor the production of collagen and therefore firm the tissues,
  • elasticize the skin.

This is why these treatments are often used as anti-cellulite.

baro cosmetics ingredients

Scientific studies on the properties of grapes in Italy

Also in Italy important milestones have been reached on the scientific research of the properties of grapes by Dr. Giovanna Menegati , an expert cosmetologist with a degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Pavia. It is she who has found an exclusive formulation in the world of phytotherapy that can fight and eliminate cellulite and the annoying effect of orange peel skin.

The phytotherapeutic formulations based on natural active ingredients, the polyphenols contained in the seeds of organic grapes grown in Barolo and the production methods certified by BioBasic Europe have given life to an exclusive formula of anti-cellulite products. Dr. Menegati is a supporter of Made in Italy and, after long experiences in the field of research and development, has chosen to create a real line of cosmetics that exploit the natural properties of grapes: the cosmetics of Barò Cosmetics.

In particular, the pomace of grapes grown organically in Barolo allow us to extract active substances and create a unique product, dermatologically tested and subjected to analysis and tests (not on animals) to ensure maximum effectiveness and quality.

An ally you do not expect against cellulite

Did you know that there is also another natural remedy that you may not have known about and that can help you in the fight against the much hated cellulite? The coffee!

For example, you can try scrubs made with coffee powder , known for its stimulating and draining properties related to caffeine.

baro cosmetics laboratory

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