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Red navel: symptoms, causes and possible remedies

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A red navel is a common problem that can have several causes. Let’s find out the most important, how to recognize them and what to do to remedy them.

When you suffer from a reddened navel, the reasons behind it can be different. In most cases these are mild causes and should not cause concern. In other cases, there may be something more serious behind it. For this reason, it is always good to investigate the reasons that lead to an irritated navel. And all in order to know what it is and to be able to remedy it easily.

Red navel: when it comes to omphalitis and symptoms

Having a red or painful or itchy navel can be a sign of irritation or something wrong.

In general, the most common causes of an inflamed navel are improper hygiene of the same, a slight infection or, as with irritated armpits , the use of products or tissues that cause irritation.

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If there is particular evidence of a skin problem on the skin, the cause could be omphalitis. A deep navel infection that can also be seen through pus or swelling of the painful area.
A problem that can generally be treated with zinc oxide, a useful remedy, but which should lead to fever, it is good to investigate with the treating doctor in order to find the most suitable treatment and not worsen the situation.

Other causes of navel inflammation

Once the problem of infection has been overcome, the itching of the navel as well as the pain can depend on internal problems. These include ongoing appendicitis , intestinal problems, umbilical hernia, etc …

Although the inflamed navel in adults almost always depends on a hygiene problem, often given by the particular shape of the same that can make proper cleaning difficult, there are cases in which it is preferable to contact your doctor.

If the pain persists or increases and if there are no other effects on the outside apart from the redness, it is therefore good to ask for a consultation in order to eliminate the most important causes and find a cure that is able to solve the underlying problem. The best way to find relief from burning and itching without taking risks.

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