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Red spots on the skin? Here’s what they can depend on

Red dots

Red spots on the skin are a fairly common problem. Let’s find out what it is and what it depends on.

The red spots on the skin are often cause for alarm for those who suffer from them as they can also appear suddenly and without a precise cause. In reality, however, there may be several triggers behind the red dots on the body. Causes which, in most cases, are harmless but which are always worth investigating.

Why do the spots appear on the skin

The red dots on the arms or in other areas of the body can have different origins.

Red dots
Red dots

They typically form on people with very fair complexions or in the elderly and can identify a proliferation of blood vessels. Nevertheless they are not to be considered dangerous and often the only discomfort they bring is more of a psychological type due to the imperfection.

Having red spots on the chest or elsewhere, however, can also be due to other causes that are always worth considering. These may include hormonal problems, liver problems and, in some cases, such as sweat dermatitis , too much sun exposure. In other cases, their sudden appearance may be linked to the reaction to pollutants or drugs that are not well tolerated. The same obviously also applies to the red dots on the back and any other area of ​​the body where they occur.

A different speech must obviously be made for children. In fact, in their case, the sudden appearance of red dots could be linked to exanthematous diseases such as measles, rubella or chicken pox.

What to do when the red dots appear

As with any skin-related problem, red spots should also be checked by your doctor . And this is to make sure there is nothing serious. Having ascertained this, in principle, they should not be touched.

If there are many or if they are larger and tend to break, the doctor can opt for their removal which can be done by laser , cryosurgery, etc … In any case, what matters is to always have them checked periodically just as if it were a question of in.

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