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This fermented red rice is a good natural remedy against cholesterol, but you should not underestimate its side effects. Let’s find out more!

Red yeast rice is a good natural remedy against cholesterol. The Oryza sativa, or common rice, is left fermenting with a red yeast, Monascus purpureus. Following this process, the rice is enriched with monacolin K, a substance similar to statins used to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Do not confuse it, then, with whole red rice, which has not these properties. You can find red yeast rice in form of tablets you can take during the day, like any other supplement. Let’s see in detail what its properties are and the possible side effects.

Red yeast rice and cholesterol

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In addition to monacolin K, which lowers cholesterol, fermented red rice contains mineral salts, in particular magnesium and phosphorus. They help fighting stress, tension, and PMS disorders.

This product is also rich in fibers, which fight constipation, improve digestion and help to cleanse the body. Supplements of red yeast rice are perfect to avoid peaks in blood sugar levels, to fight obesity and to prevent heart and circulatory disorders.

Red yeast rice: daily dosage

Like any dietary supplement, you should take fermented red rice under medical supervision. The doctors decide if and how much to take. In addition, remember that along with supplements, you should follow a correct lifestyle, with daily workouts and a specific diet to counter blood cholesterol levels.

Red yeast rice: side effects

Despite being a natural product, it has side effects. First of all, you should never take it along with statins, but only as an alternative to them, under medical prescription. An excessive dosage or prolonged use may result in severe collateral effects, such as:

– gastrointestinal disorders,

– myopathy,

– migraine,

– transaminases level increase,

– kidneys damage.

PHOTO SOURCE: https://pixabay.com/it/riso-brown-rubino-organici-black-2853767/

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