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Relax and sleep tight with the new silk sleep masks!

Relax and sleep tight with the new silk sleep masks!

Do you suffer from insomnia? No worries, with the new velvet and silk sleep masks you will sleep like a baby!

We know that in order to boost our energies and start our day in the best way, we need to sleep well. However, some people suffer from insomnia and cannot relax at night. Are you one of these people?

Well, the new silk and velvet masks will solve your problem. These products will make you relax and guarantee a feeling of wellness! Let’s find out everything about this new masks, how they work and where they come from!

How to use the new silk sleep mask to sleep well

These new beauty products were created by the famous company Holistik Silk, whose mission is people wellness. The firm also produces yoga mats, relaxing pillowcases, ergonomic slippers, and soft and comfortable hair turbans.

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These masks are completely made of silk and velvet, therefore they are very soft and fluffy. When you put them on, you feel like a caress on your eyes. Moreover, they are scented with lavender, for a more relaxing action.

Holistik Silk masks are produced between India and Great Britain. They are completely handmade, with high quality and refined yarns, coming from a eco-friendly supply chain.

If you suffer from insomnia, this product is the must have, because it will make you relax and sleep well! Just put them on your eyes and relax, maybe also with some music. Furthermore, a silk sleep mask is perfect for people who often travel by train or airplane, because it will help you fall asleep more easily. What are you waiting for? You must have them!

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