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Relax at the agri-spa: a total wellness experience!

Relax at the agri-spa: a total wellness experience!

Farm vacations upgraded into agri-spas, for a day of relax!

Nowadays, daily tasks lead to high levels of stress. Agri-spa is what we need: it is a revolutionary place of well-being, near our house. It is the ideal place where to spend a day or, better yet, a weekend of relax.

This place philosophy is to slow down, spending some time in contact with nature while eating and drinking local products. It is perfect to relax for a day or two and forget our concerns.

Everything about agri-spa: from farm vacations to the spa!

Until recently, vacation farms used to focus on food only and on suppling local products. Nowadays, this is not enough. Currently, they focus also on the place environment, the rooms interior design and the development of wellness areas.

The agri-spa has large comfortable rooms and customers-only wellness centers. Obviously, high-level local food is always a must.

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Various activities are available in agri-spas, often associated with food products. You can enjoy hay saunas, honey massages, or you can spend time with a beekeeper to watch the honey production process. You can also walk in the vineyards, where professionals will show you how they make wine.

Finally, it is possible to enjoy hay treatments, steam baths, donkey milk baths, milk and honey or flowers baths. Wine therapy is also available and you can have a bath in wine and wort. In Italy, an agri-spa weekend costs around 70 euro per person.

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