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Let’s see which ones are the best herbs to use to prepare relaxing teas, in order to fight stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Relaxing herbs are the best remedy to fight anxiety, stress and insomnia in a natural way. You can easily find them at the herbalist’s shop, both unpackaged or in ready-to-use mix. Let’s see the best herbs you can use, together or on their own, to prepare relaxing herbal teas!

Relaxing herbal teas to sleep

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linden herbal tea. This plant has diuretic properties, other than soothing powers. Therefore, it is perfect to drink before going to sleep. Leave two teaspoons of dried linden to infuse in a cup of hot water.

lemon balm herbal tea. It has soothing and relaxing powers. In order to make it, you need to use dried and minced leaves. Let infuse a couple of teaspoon of lemon balm in a cup of hot water and drink it before going to bed.

valerian herbal tea. This plant is widely used in herbal medicine to fight insomnia. You can either take it as a supplement or as a herbal tea. You can prepare the latter with a teaspoon of valerian root: let it infuse in a cup of hot water.

Relaxing herbal teas against anxiety

passion flower herbal tea. This is an amazing relaxing drink against anxiety: passion flowers, or passiflora, contain soothing powers which act on the nervous system. You can drink up to two cups a day: you just need two teaspoons of passion flower for each cup of water.

hawthorn herbal tea. This plant has soothing, anti-anxiety and hypotensive properties. You can use it on its own or together with lemon balm and passion flower, in order to prepare a herbal tea to drink in case of panic attacks. It does not cause drowsiness, so you can drink it during the day, too.

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hop herbal tea. This plant is used not only to make beer, but also this kind of drinks, usually together with lemon balm and chamomile. It has relaxing properties, but also antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory powers. For this reason, it is very good to fight digestive problems caused by anxiety. In order to prepare it, you need hop dried flowers.

chamomile herbal tea. This is the most widely used plant to prepare relaxing teas. It can be used both on its own or together with other herbs. We suggest you to use two teaspoons of its dried flowers for each cup.

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