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Remedies for vomiting: here are the simplest and most effective


Remedies for vomiting: find out which are the simplest and most functional to put into practice to alleviate the problem and to help the body recover sooner.

Finding remedies for vomiting is not always easy because a lot depends on the causes and extent of the problem. It is in fact the manifestation of something that is wrong with the body and which in some cases can also bring with it fever or other symptoms.

However, there are some pretty good remedies that can help counter sudden attacks, thus making it easier to manage the problem. Let’s find out which are the most effective of the best known, the natural ones and, above all, when it is appropriate to put them into practice.

How to stop vomiting: the most effective remedies to choose from

It often happens that you wonder what to take for vomiting in order to feel better.


Given that the first thing to do is always to consult a doctor in order to understand the causes, there are remedies for vomiting that can be particularly suitable in certain circumstances. And in particular in those where the problem is related to motion sickness or something that has caused a slight but annoying malaise.

One of the most suitable natural remedies is for example ginger root which among other things also gives relief to the body, facilitating digestion. It can be taken in the form of herbal tea or chewed into small pieces if you like the taste. In case of nausea, chamomile tea can also be of great help.

Going to homeopathy, on the other hand, Nux Vomica 5Ch is well known to be taken in granules (usually two or three) and to be taken several times throughout the day.

Obviously, in the case of real vomiting attacks, the intervention of the doctor may be necessary, who based on the severity of the situation will evaluate whether it is appropriate to take antispasmodics.

What to take when you have problems with vomiting

Regardless of how you decide to treat yourself, substances such as lemon or baking soda can be helpful during vomiting episodes. These in fact help to stretch the walls of the stomach. Drinking lemon water also helps reduce stomach acid. While bicarbonate helps to rest the body better during fasting periods.

Obviously, drinking a lot of water is also important (especially if vomiting is also associated with diarrhea ) and because of the lost fluids and that it is therefore necessary to replenish.

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