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Respiratory insufficiency: how to recognize it and what to do when it occurs

sick woman

Respiratory failure occurs when the respiratory system is unable to maintain the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide, causing the organism to suffer.

When we talk about respiratory failure we mean that process in which the respiratory system has a deficit that leads to an imbalance in the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide . A problem that can be very serious for those who experience it, becoming dangerous. For this reason it is very important to learn to recognize each case of respiratory depression. Doing so helps to act in time and to restore the situation before it worsens, turning into acute respiratory failure.

Respiratory failure: the symptoms to recognize

When experiencing respiratory failure, the symptoms are generally easy to recognize.

sick woman
sick woman

In fact, among the best known there are:

– Wheezing
Poor clarity
– Lack of strength
– Sense of suffocation
– Disturbed breathing
– Sweating
– Poor reactivity
– Arrhythmia
– Bluish discolouration of skin and nails

In the presence of a respiratory crisis and symptoms such as those listed above, it is very important to contact your doctor immediately or, in more serious cases, to the emergency room . In this way, you will be able to get the help you need to get back to breathing regularly.

Respiratory failure: the main causes

In the event of a respiratory crisis, the most common causes are to be found in obstructive pathologies, asthmatic forms (also due to allergies), lung injuries, drug abuse, sleep apnea, rib cage problems and neuromuscular pathologies. To ascertain the problem there are various tests such as spirometry , chest CT scan, blood gas analysis, etc … These are usually indicated by the doctor based on the problems encountered and their severity. Treatments also change from case to case, passing from prevention in case of allergy to administration of drugs in case of chronic respiratory failure.

What matters is to know your situation better in order to avoid any risk factors and to have remedies to be implemented if this is not possible. In this way, with particular exceptions , the problem can be kept under control, guaranteeing a life that is as peaceful as possible.

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