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Retinoic acid: what it is for, what it is used for and what its properties are

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Retinoic acid is a drug used in skin care. Let’s find out when it is useful and what its properties are.

Retinoic acid is a drug usually used for acne, wrinkles and skin blemishes.

Being a derivative of vitamin A, it has several important properties that in the long run prove to be very useful for the skin. Since it is a drug, however, it can almost always be used only on prescription. In fact, improper use could cause serious damage to the skin .

Retinoic acid: properties

Among the properties of this acid there are the same attributable to vitamin A which are usually exfoliating and antioxidant ones.

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woman face

Although retinoic acid for acne is highly recommended (mostly for cystic acne), its presence is only found in creams or masks for medical use. The active ingredient is in fact rather aggressive. This is why in the cosmetic field, other types of retinoids are usually used instead. Retinoic acid has very important benefits for the skin. Among these we remember the most important which are:

Elimination of acne
– Attenuation of wrinkles
– Anti-inflammatory effect
– Effectiveness against some signs of aging
– Reduction of scars
– Whitening effect of stretch marks recent
– Greater firmness of the skin
– Reduction of skin blemishes

Against wrinkles, retinoic acid proves to be a real help. However, as already mentioned, it is almost never found in common cosmetics . Instead, retinol, retinol palminate and retinaldehyde are usually used, which are less irritating.

Side effects of retinoic acid

Since we have mentioned the aggressiveness of retinoic acid, let’s see what are the side effects given by its improrical use. Among the most important are:

– Burning or itching
– Warm skin
– Redness of the skin
– Skin discolouration
– Dryness

In more serious cases, allergies or breathing difficulties can also be encountered. For this reason, before using it, it is always necessary to consult your doctor with the relative prescription about the quantities and use to be done. Only in this way will you be able to count on healthier and younger-looking skin and all without encountering problems of any kind.

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