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Rice starch in the tub: an ancient beauty secret for very soft skin

Rice starch

Rice starch for the bath is an ancient beauty secret that makes the skin soft and smooth: here it is revealed!

Rice starch is a very fine white powder, obtained from rice grains, used both in the kitchen as a thickener, and in cosmetics as a detergent . Our grandmothers, in fact, used it to clean the skin of the face and body, even of babies. The starch is perfect for sensitive and irritated skin , to calm redness and itching. Let’s see what its properties are and how to use rice starch in the bath or in the shower.

Rice starch for the bath: how to use it

Using rice starch in the bath is really easy. You can buy it, in the form of powder or cannoli, in a pharmacy, herbalist’s shop or supermarket. Make sure that the starch is pure by reading the inci shown on the package, which must contain only one ingredient: oryza sativa .

Rice starch
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Then fill the tub with lukewarm water, pour ten tablespoons of starch and mix the water to make it dissolve completely. If you want, you can add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to the water. For the baby bath, however, two tablespoons of starch are enough. If you don’t have a tub, you can use starch in the shower, spreading a handful of it on wet skin.

Rice starch: the properties

Rice starch is perfect for cleansing red skin, because it has soothing properties . While being very gentle, it eliminates sweat and excess sebum, leaving the skin soft and dry. It also has deodorant properties , which make it excellent for frequent washing in summer.

In addition to the bathroom, it can be used for intimate hygiene , to calm the burning and itching, to prepare face masks and to wash hair without water, as is done with any dry shampoo .

Finally, it is recommended to use rice starch for baby baths , because it is very delicate and does not damage the skin’s hydrolipic film.

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