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Risotto alla sorrentina: the recipe la forno with tomato and mozzarella

Risotto alla Sorrentina

With lots, lots of tomatoes, a cascade of stringy mozzarella and fresh basil: what more can you say about risotto alla sorrentina? We reveal the recipe.

Risotto alla Sorrentina is a very tasty preparation from Southern Italy, a perfect recipe for Sunday lunch but also the smart way to recover the leftover rice from the day before. It can be distinguished in two procedures, cooking rice from scratch, or using the leftovers of rice from Sunday lunch and baking it in the oven as if it were a flan. Below, we discover all the secrets to making an excellent traditional peasant risotto, a tasty first course of Italian cuisine that will bring a lot of joy to the table, for young and old.

Risotto alla Sorrentina
Risotto alla Sorrentina

Preparation of risotto alla Sorrentina in the oven

  1. The first thing to do is to make the tomato puree. Finely chop the white onion and let it fry and brown with a little extra virgin olive oil .
  2. Add the tomato puree or peeled tomatoes, salt and pepper. Also add the fresh basil leaves.
  3. If you do not use the leftover rice, boil it in plenty of salted water, draining it al dente.
  4. Arrange the rice on a baking tray previously greased with a little extra virgin olive oil, and add a few sprigs of butter on top. Also lay the sliced ​​mozzarella , holding out a few pieces for decoration.
  5. Complete with fresh basil and bake for about 25-30 minutes at 180 ° C.
  6. Once out of the oven, add the remaining mozzarella and your risotto alla sorrentina is ready, a traditional peasant first course.

And if you liked this recipe, you cannot fail to try the gnocchi alla sorrentina !

Primo Chef’s advice for making risotto alla sorrentina

The Sorrento risotto recipe can be made in two variations: cooking the rice from scratch, whipping it with lots of tomato and butter and only if you like you can finish the dish with a short baked gratin . The second recipe, which is the traditional one that we have decided to explain step by step today, uses the leftover rice from the day before. With this last variant , that of humble origins, you get a sort of very tasty and stringy timbale that will especially appeal to children.


Baked Sorrento rice, being a recycling recipe in itself, must be consumed on the spot, but you can keep part of it in an airtight container to put in the refrigerator, for a maximum of 2 days .

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