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Risotto with Barolo: the recipe of Piedmontese excellence

Risotto with Barolo

Here is the recipe to follow to prepare a tasty dish of Barolo risotto: soft and tasty, it is perfect for a special dinner.

If you are looking for the goodness of the typical dishes of northern Italy, risotto al barolo is definitely for you! The marriage between a consistent rice such as Carnaroli and Barolo wine creates a delicious combination that is definitely worth trying at least once in a lifetime. The presence of ruby ​​red nectar makes the recipe even richer in Piedmontese hints , as Barolo is really native to these lands.

The dish is perfect both for a family lunch and to celebrate a special occasion, as the unique flavor of this fine wine gives the risotto a very particular aroma that makes it ideal for a dinner dedicated to an important event. Your diners will certainly be delighted by the delicacy emitted by the combination of its ingredients.

Let’s see together how to proceed to prepare this truly unique dish .

Risotto with Barolo
Risotto with Barolo

Preparation of risotto with Barolo

  1. First make sure you have the meat broth ready to add to the risotto during cooking.
  2. Take a pan and let half of the butter melt over a slow flame .
  3. Chop the onion well, add it to the butter and let it heat until it softens.
  4. Add the rice and let it toast for about 2 minutes .
  5. Pour the Barolo into the pan, making sure to keep a small part (a glass is more than enough).
  6. The wine will gradually be absorbed by the rice. When you observe that this begins to dry, add a few ladles of meat broth to cook. While the rice is cooking, do not forget to mix with a wooden ladle , in order to prevent the risotto from sticking to the pan.
  7. Continue adding broth as required, in order to maintain the right level of humidity in the rice: in the end this should be creamy.
  8. Once half cooked , check the flavor of your Barolo risotto and add the salt as required.
  9. When cooked, add half of the remaining butter, the glass of Barolo that you kept and the grated cheese.
  10. Proceed to mix everything until the whole mixture is well blended .

Risotto is always good, if you liked this version with red wine, maybe it’s time to try our sparkling risotto too .


Like any first course, it is preferable to consume it within the first hours after cooking. In case the Barolo rice is left over, it is advisable to keep the Barolo rice in the refrigerator and consume it within the next 2 days .

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