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Risotto with peppers: simple, delicate and tasty

Risotto With Peppers

Risotto with peppers is a truly fantastic first course, ideal to bring to the table for any occasion. Here is the recipe and some delicious variations.

Today we prepare a tasty risotto with peppers, simple and impactful, perfect if you need an idea first that is light but at the same time rich in taste. We have decided to use red peppers , but at home you can use the yellow ones or both, so as to create games of colors on the plate. Let’s see immediately the simple version and some delicious variations of this wonderful course!

Risotto With Peppers
Risotto With Peppers

How to make risotto with peppers

  1. Heat the broth by bringing it to a boil , in the meantime, in a pot full of water, blanch the peppers for about 10 minutes. You can also sauté them after cleaning them, for an even stronger taste.
  2. Once ready, remove the seeds and the white parts , then cut them into small pieces. Meanwhile, in the main pot, cook the sauté with two tablespoons of oil, then toast the rice and blend it with half a glass of white wine.
  3. Begin to gradually add the broth, then add the peppers and cook the rice until it is al dente.
  4. Turn off the heat and stir in the butter and cheese, then serve with ground pepper and a basil leaf.

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The variants of the dish

Rice and peppers are two very simple ingredients, and for this reason it is possible to combine them together with other wonderful products to create truly exciting first courses. Let’s see some of them!

Risotto with peppers and anchovies

This combination is very reminiscent of Piedmont, where the bagna cauda is prepared , the traditional sauce based on oil, garlic and anchovies. Those who love it, in fact, know that their death is precisely with peppers, so why not repeat this combination in a first course?

To do this, you can put the anchovy fillets directly into the sauté and melt them during the toasting phase of the rice. The beans will absorb the flavor, but watch out for the salt ! In fact, anchovies are very savory, so taste them at the time of creaming. As for doses, count one large fillet per person, or use less for a more delicate flavor.

Risotto with peppers and sausage

If there is one perfect ingredient for risotto, it is sausage . In this case, cook it separately in a non-stick pan, without adding additional fats and blending it with a finger of wine. When it is nice and crunchy , turn it off and let it rest, then add it at the moment of creaming.

Risotto with smoothie peppers

This variant does not presuppose the use of other ingredients, and its diversity lies only in the way in which to use the main ingredient. Cook the peppers in a pan with oil, salt and pepper, and once they are soft, blend them with an immersion blender , adding a teaspoon of broth.

Once the cream is obtained, you can insert it halfway through cooking to color the whole risotto or put it on the plate to create interesting color games.

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