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Ristoceutica, how to eat healthy meals and protect the body

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Ristoceutica is a new science that studies the interaction between the body’s genes and the way in which foods are associated. Let’s find out what it is.

According to Vincenzo Lionetti, founding surgeon of ristoceutica, the health of the body does not depend only on the foods we consume. In fact, each food, regardless of its properties, can have different effects based on how it is associated, dosed and prepared . Ristoceutica is based precisely on this principle, which aims to identify the foods most useful to the body from a functional and genes point of view.

In fact, following the dietary scheme of ristoceutica it is possible to combine and cook different foods, while at the same time preserving health and avoiding the onset of tumors and diseases. This is because the foods we consume during a meal can activate, in a positive or negative way, the genes of the cells, influencing their state of health. So let’s see how to properly mix food in the kitchen, choosing the optimal preparation methods, reducing the onset of diseases and other problems.

Ristoceutica: pasta is a great ally

Among the principles of ristoceutica we find rules regarding the preparation of pasta and vegetables. These foods, if prepared correctly and in the right quantities, can be excellent health allies . Pasta, for example, thanks to its low glycemic index, does not cause an immediate rise in blood sugar, normally responsible for disorders such as:

Food foods
Food foods

– type 2 diabetes
-cardiovascular diseases
– cognitive impairment

According to Lionetti, the best type of pasta, from a nutritional point of view, is wholemeal because it offers an added advantage. In fact, it ensures a high intake of fibers, which slow down the absorption of sugars, fats and gives a better sense of satiety. From the epigenetic point of view, wholemeal pasta manages to reduce LDL cholesterol , protects the cells of the heart, avoiding heart attacks. It also promotes the expression of some DNA genes by preventing:

-oxidative stress
-cellular aging
mood alteration
-memory loss

Furthermore, to make pasta more digestible and healthy, it is important to consume it al dente, since prolonged cooking increases the level of sugar absorption . Another way to improve the impact of pasta on blood sugar is to chill it in the fridge, which allows for a slower transformation of the starch.

Legumes and cereals

A pound of dried lentils contains a protein intake similar to what can be found in a pound of white meat. However, the proteins present in legumes do not contain all the essential amino acids of those animals. In fact , cysteine ​​and methionine are absent, compounds useful for making chromatin more stable and are more than fundamental for the body.

Therefore, to ensure a proper intake of proteins similar to animal ones, according to the ristoceutica it is good to combine legumes and whole grains . On the other hand, to ensure good quantities of iron, an element very present in legumes in a non-assimilable form, it is good to combine fresh foods rich in vitamin C.

Fish and oil seeds

Fish is a food appreciated in many diets, and also in ristoceutica, for the large amount of essential fatty acids and Omega-3 . In fact, these elements cannot be synthesized by our body and must be compulsorily integrated with the diet. In any case, Omega-3s are good fats, which turn on specific genes that can protect the heart from cardiovascular risks such as heart attacks and strokes.

According to the ristoceutica, in order to benefit the most from these foods, it is necessary to prefer varieties of cold water fish, such as salmon, anchovies or trout . It is also important to consume farmed and small breeds. This is because larger fish can contain pollutants, including mercury and other heavy metals, which can damage tissues and cells in the long run.

The best way to consume fish, while preserving the nutritional contents, is in foil or steamed , thus avoiding overly aggressive cooking. You can also choose to combine oil seeds with fish, such as flax, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, but also walnuts or almonds. A good idea may be to create chopped seeds to bread the fish with.

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