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Rye bread: less calories with no sacrifices!

Rye bread: less calories with no sacrifices!

This food is the only one with a few calories, therefore it is perfect when you are following a diet. It guarantees a flat stomach and no sacrifices!

Sometimes, it is very difficult to give up on bread as a snack or with your second courses. This food is tasty and makes you feel full in no time. Unfortunately, it contains yeast and flour that make the belly bloat, causing a feeling of heaviness.

However, you can solve this problem with rye bread. It contains less calories, makes you feel full and does not make your stomach to bloat. The many benefits of this hypocaloric food are guaranteed!

Rye bread with no yeast: gain a flat stomach!

Rye belongs to the gramineous plants and has wheat-like leaves. Its flour comes from the fruits of this plant. It is darker and less refined than normal one. This product comes from the Northern Europe and it is known to be a diet and hypocaloric food!

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This bread contains no yeast and can be eaten every day, in order to keep losing weight without giving up on delicious snacks or little sandwiches! This is possible because 100 grams of this product contain 60Kcal less than traditional bread.

Moreover, rye bread is rich in water and fibers: in this way, not only it helps balancing your intestine, but also helps reducing the stomach swelling. Furthermore, it contains a lot of potassium, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus to boost your energies without gaining weight!

Other than followin the right diet, you know you need to exercise too, in order to obtain a flat stomach. It is fundamental to eat well and go to the gym, even if just a 30-minute walk every day can do. Therefore, let’s get to work…out!

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