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Santa Claus is waiting for you in the Italian town of Gromo!

Santa Claus is waiting for you in the Italian town of Gromo!

Santa Claus is going to open his house in Italy, in Valle Seriana, a magic village where children dreams come true!

The Italian town of Gromo, near Bergamo, is already getting ready for Santa Claus. It is a magic house among the ancient neighboroods of the city, where you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

From Saturday, November 17 , Santa Claus opens the doors of his house in Bergamo, together with his elves from the Fattoria Ariete, which will organize many activities to make children happy.

Everything about Santa Claus’ house in Gromo!

Unlike past editions, families will take be welcomed throughout the country. Tourists, families and children will also visit the Ginami castle, the true symbol of Gromo.

There, children will have the opportunity to write a letter with their wishes and deliver it directly into Santa Claus’ hands. Children will also receive a gift, while adults can visit the castle rooms, discover secret areas, and take unique pictures.

Casa di Babbo Natale
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At Villa Magdalena, the Fattoria Ariete elves will help your children to create beautiful drawings to remember this special day. There will also be small cake tastings areas, to enjoy with a hot Christmas herbal tea.

It will be also possible to visit a farm to see the animals. Finally, you can visit  Milesi Palace Weaponry Museum and the Orobie Alps Natural Museum.

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