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Savings recipe: Gluten free buckwheat salad

Buckwheat salad

Perfect not only for those who do not tolerate gluten, but also for those who want to try something different: gluten free buckwheat salad.

The gluten free buckwheat salad is a very versatile dish. In fact, it can be proposed both as a side dish to different dishes, perhaps protein such as eggs, meat or fish, or as a single dish for when you want to stay light. Buckwheat is definitely a food to discover : in addition to being gluten free, and therefore consumable also by those with intolerances, it is very good for health: it helps prevent the onset of diabetes and, in general, is an ally of the cardiovascular system. . You can also use it as a substitute for rice, for other dishes.

Buckwheat salad
Buckwheat salad

Preparation of the salad with buckwheat

  1. To prepare your gluten-free buckwheat salad, start by cooking the buckwheat. You can cook it both in salted water and in vegetable broth: in the latter case it will have a much richer flavor.
  2. To cook 300 grams of buckwheat, calculate that you need to use about 700 ml of broth or water.
  3. When the wheat is tender, turn off the heat, drain it and then let it cool .
  4. Carefully wash the rocket, the salad and the cherry tomatoes, cutting everything into pieces.
  5. The spring onions should be used raw, after being sliced ​​very thinly. However, if you prefer them cooked, brown them in a pan with a little oil or with a few tablespoons of water, covering with a saucepan.
  6. Mix all the ingredients and season with good extra virgin olive oil and a little salt.
  7. Serve your gluten-free buckwheat salad as a side dish or main course for a light lunch.

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This salad is best consumed at the moment , at most you can store it in the refrigerator in a special food container for half a day. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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