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Savory essential oil: excellent against viruses, bacteria and much more

Flowers savory

Let’s discover the savory essential oil, an essence rich in properties. In particular, it is able to combat the presence of viruses and bacteria.

The savory essential oil is obtained from the homonymous plant , also known by the scientific name of Satureja Montana . The origin of the name of this plant is uncertain . Some think it means satiated, from the Latin saturated , because of its digestive properties, others believe it means sauce, because of its flavoring properties. In any case, it is a herbaceous plant that can reach fifty centimeters in height and that grows in areas of the Mediterranean basin .

The essential oil, which is obtained from the flowering tops of this plant, has several beneficial properties: let’s discover them.

The properties of savory essential oil

The first of the properties of savory essential oil that we are going to see today is that which allows it to work as an antiseptic . In fact, it is one of the most effective essences against viruses and bacteria , but not only: it can also fight parasites and fungi .

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Its antiseptic properties allow it to fight infections that affect the respiratory system , but also those of the urinary and digestive systems . In particular, in the latter case, it is excellent for eliminating all those pathologies caused by bacteria (such as candida, diarrhea and much more) and for promoting digestion.

In addition, the essence of savory is an excellent anti-inflammatory . It is useful for combating pain caused by inflammation, especially those affecting the joints and muscles. Finally, it has a tonic action . It stimulates various bodily functions, consequently helping to fight tiredness, both physical and mental. The latter effect also results in a strengthening of the immune system.

Uses and contraindications of the savory essential oil

The savory essential oil is a very versatile essence and can be used in different ways according to your needs.

Firstly, it can be taken orally . Dilute a few drops in a teaspoon containing a carrier. We usually recommend using extra virgin olive oil, but brown sugar or honey will also be fine. Taking it orally will allow those who use it to take advantage of its antiseptic properties .

Against muscle or joint pain due to inflammation, it is possible to dilute two or three drops of essence in about 15ml of vegetable oil and use what has been obtained as a massage oil , to be applied on the affected part.

Finally, you can take it by air . How? With the help of some aroma and essential oil diffusers . This will help fight respiratory tract infections and unlock its tonic effect.

Proper and abuse-free use, savory essential oil should not lead to the development of side effects . However, it is good to avoid it in case of pregnancy and in subjects under twelve years.

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