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Savory gluten-free waffles: the quick and delicious recipe

Savory gluten-free waffles

Savory gluten-free waffles with carrots and parsley, an excellent idea to accompany greetings, cheeses and vegetables as an alternative to the classic croutons or wraps.

They are very easy to prepare and are also perfect as a substitute for bread and piadina. Today we offer you the recipe for making gluten-free waffles with a mixture of chickpea and rice flour, also enriched with carrots and fresh parsley. The light salty waffles are also perfect for an aperitif with meats and cheeses or for a salty snack different from the usual. Here are all the steps of the preparation.

Savory gluten-free waffles
Savory gluten-free waffles

Preparation of gluten and lactose free waffles

  1. Peel the carrot, peel it and grate it directly into a bowl.
  2. Carefully clean the parsley and chop it then add it to the carrots.
  3. Shell the egg inside the bowl then add the salt, baking soda, milk and oil.
  4. Mix well then add the two flours.
  5. Work everything with a whisk in order to obtain a homogeneous and lump-free mixture.
  6. At this point you are ready to cook gluten and lactose-free waffles: grease the special waffle plate and turn it on.
  7. Distribute the dough inside the mold with the help of a spoon or a ladle, close and let it cook for a couple of minutes .
  8. Continue until you run out of batter at your disposal. Serve the soft waffles as you prefer and with ingredients to taste. Enjoy your meal!

Alternatively, I recommend you try the vegan waffles , the sweet recipe for waffles but without butter or other animal derivatives.


This savory dish, with a sweet tradition, can be kept for about 2 days in the refrigerator, well covered with cling film. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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