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Scabs or wounds on the scalp? Find out causes and remedies

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It is not uncommon to be faced with the presence of crusts or small wounds on the scalp. Let’s find out what are the possible causes and how to solve the problem.

Finding crusts or small wounds on one’s scalp is a far from rare condition. This is a very common situation , which affects many people. In most cases, it is a simple solution problem that shouldn’t worry us.

In today’s article, we will find out what are the possible causes of this disorder and how to intervene to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Crusts on the scalp, the possible causes

There are several causes that could lead to the development of scabs or small wounds on the scalp. The most common is undoubtedly dandruff . It is characterized by the presence of whitish scales that tend to come off and fall on clothes or remain anchored to the hair and, in some cases, can lead to itching .

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Another cause could be seborrheic dermatitis , often confused with dandruff due to their similarity. It is an inflammation that occurs in areas rich in the sebaceous glands and which, like dandruff, can lead to redness, itching and peeling of the skin. The difference that can be noticed with the naked eye, without being an expert, is the color of the scales , which will not be white, but tending towards yellowish.

Contact dermatitis could also cause scabs and small wounds. In general, this occurs following allergic reactions to materials or products used for hair care, or by contact with harmful substances that could have remained on the hands even after washing. Usually, if present, it leads, in addition to possible crusts and irritations, to feel burning .

A further cause may be lice . The latter, will lead us to scratch and, as a result, to irritate the scalp.

Finally, there is psoriasis , a skin disease that affects around 3% of the world population. The latter is a more serious problem than the others and may require extra attention.

How to deal with the problem

In most cases, crusts and wounds present on the scalp will undergo spontaneous healing . However, there are methods to speed up or facilitate the process.

The first method is to apply vegetable oil to the skin, such as jojoba oil or coconut oil, after having heated it a little. They will act on the crusts, dissolving or softening them , reducing the discomfort and speeding up the healing time.

Another solution is to turn to a soothing agent . There are several soothing lotions on the market, but you can also turn to natural solutions , such as aloe vera. The effect will be to reduce itching and inflammation. Process that facilitates the recovery of the scalp.

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